Sunday, 9 December 2012

Sew Love Tea Do

                                                               Learn to SEW
      and LOVE the earth
                                                       over a cup of TEA
                                                                 we can DO good
I get such a buzz out of teaching people how to sew, spreading the word of mending and making do rather than buying new & working together over a cup of tea, sewing can be a lot of good fun!
At First Thursday last week there was a lot of fun had at the Say No To Plastic Bags table, where people overcame their fear of sewing machines, had a go, and made something for them themselves!
2013 there are real sewing workshops coming!!
My sewing machines and I are going to be mobile so I can tiki tour about where craft needs us most. 
Classes will be coming to your neighbourhood - you just need to get in touch
(With a blogsite on its way when there are more info and pictures to share)

so... you could go from looking and feeling like this...
to a bit more like this..
What you reck?

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