Thursday, 20 December 2012

My New Creative Space

It's been a while since I linked up with a creative space post but as I have changed spaces completely this week, it is def time for a wee update
I've been in need of more...serenity... could you say surrounding my world, and the hustle bustle city life just wasn't gonna cut it over summer so I packed my (trillion) bags and headed home to the Coro
I have been 'allocated' a space in our boat shed/garage at home & I arrived to see a square of carpet, cobwebs eliminated from corners and a set up of scaffolding even for my sewing patterns!
This week I have been getting stuck in to make it feel a bit more like home, AKA unpack and make sure no ledge is left bare without an old mug, jar, or books...
I havent yet set up the 'mood board' that shall begin the summer of sewing 
but I did go so far as the admin of setting up an etsy account for selling some of my new wares.
Time for a cup of tea? I think so. Remembering the fun times as a young girl playing pretend library or supermarket, I have set up the space like a wee shop (dreamer!) where visitors can pull up a crate to share a cuppa over my low radiogram, and I am even going to make a sign for the entrance!
Clearly still SO MUCH to unpack... & so is the joys of having a crafty creative space I guess.
See more of said great spaces here.

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