Thursday, 25 April 2013

Creative Space: For our mums

 It's mothers day coming up... So I thought I would get to it and create some special cards made with love of mothers, and for mothers! I think it is important when making to really focus on what something is for, believe it, feel it, and it makes it all the more soulful and special. I could just pop a sign on cards I've already made that would be suitable for mums...but no its so much nicer to embrace something and 
I have been inspired by the colours and textures on the page of some recent golden hands craft mags I was gifted. So with soft cuddles from mother bear in mind I have pieced together some special cards.
These cards are pie charts of craftyness 100% pretty & 100% full of love just like our mums!
For sale at up and coming markets: Kraftbomb this sunday, and First Thursday next thurs eve.
Joining up with the creative crew over here at Creative Spaces!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Oh Hello etsy!

Joining up over here, My Creative Space just got more ONLINE real proper! The final push was wanting so badly to be able to afford tickets to Handmade NZ so today I opened an etsy shop to 'fundraise' for it. Twas quite fun setting up a nice area for photos after watching this great video. The shop isn't under this here Lofty name but I have started with paper crafted goods that I have had at past markets. I'm in the middle of sewing a wintery range of snuggly up-cycled gear and this will soon be for sale too yipee!

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Feeling Bounty-ful...

The original building..1897
(pics from here)
And now? She's still lookin' as pretty as ever - Probably the most beautiful store in town, 
exclusively full to the brim with local art and craft and now these too...
Bounty Store is down Pollen St, the main street of my lovely home town Thames.
Its almost at the quaint ol' cafe/opshop end called Grahamstown.
You should def pop on in next time you are visiting/passing through.

Summer meets Autumn dress projects

Treasure hunting is thee best! Thats why every Tues I join up with Black Bird Has Spoken & 'co' with the op shop showoff. I wonder if any of the 'co' did any op shopping this weekend or were they all having too much fun at bloggers connecting event that I was so sad to miss out on??
I visited some op shops I hadn't been to in a long while (those small out-of-the-way ones that only accept cash so I was limited to the few pingers in my purse), it's always nice to rummage through the fresh new old goodies. And I so love to lay it all out when I get home too. Sit back with a tea, and admire.
These do look a little summery...but I was really excited today at the thought of wearing stockings again & these dresses are the perfect combo! Are you with me?? Amped for coloured warm legs??
I'm preparing some sewing class projects for my dear project Sew Love Tea Do and I thought I would put it to the people to pick the best dress out of these three to combo with tights this Autumn.
 You can have your say over here or leave a comment below if it's easier.

ALSO! If you spot a pattern in an op shop and think it may be something quite fancy please share a pic of it on our facebook or pinterest or even twitter ...Always sew keen to get amongst the vintage sewing over at Sew Love (the new nickname, easier to say too hehe) we will always welcome donations too if you're having a clear out xx

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Google loves me

Tis my birthday today. woo! Clearly im not having pancakes for breako in a snazzy cafe somewhere... I'm online, working ofcourse. But google popped up a special something - such good timing!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Op shoppin' Tuesday

It's op shop sharing time again...teaming up with the others over here
It was suuuuch a beautiful clear day and as planned I was taking things much slower - but this didn't mean I couldn't visit one of my fav recycle centres..The Seagull Centre.
On a mission for a blackboard of all things.
The grand chair I did not buy, but sheesh I wanted to sit in it a while.
I peeked around corners and under things, always spotting such glorious colours
I did come away with some bright things: 2 containers and 2 cushions
Aint she a beauty?!?!
& I have since been working on shooshing up my found BLACKBOARD!!!
...How often do you go to one junk hard on the lookout for something and actually find it??
Do we ever mention how much we spent? My total was $4. Gawsh.

Taking time

Twas so glad to to have the peace and quiet of being back in the cork today, I couldn't resist a little admin in the morning but then took the day as intended much slower than the pace I have been crackin of late. (reminding myself of the year's resolutions of not letting myself burn out). I even lay guilt free in the sun for a bit. I had some handsewing to do, and a stamp to make (yes the to-do list did not quite escape the day) but I thought I may as well do these at the beach no?
The tide was out, but so was the sun. I read the latest extra curricular from cover to cover and let the sun warm my face and limbs. How rejuvenating it was. How necessary it is. 

Sunday, 7 April 2013


Have I officially introduced you to Mr Oratia? I'm an awfully proud gf today after his first gig last night.  
Mr Oratia becomes Granny Smith and picks the juiciest beats alongside Golden Delicious. The Midnight Harvest duo looooves funk: Old school funk, new school funk, funky breaks the lot!
 He practices every day on his cd-jays for hours after school. 
He played at our friends wedding recently and was a hit! 
The thing about funk music, it just makes you smile and WANT to dance, 
and across all ages nobody's foot is left un-tapping! 
If you are looking for a funk dj for your party he's the ticket! 
Funky attire - optional.
Thanks Red Bar for having us and our juggling apples last night, twas a whole load of fun. 
Thanks Kitch for my amaze new coat dress (&brooches plural) LOVE! 
He DJ's in bare feet but Granny Smith's gear was all thrifted the $20 in his pock-et !!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Op shop finds, mi amigos!

Teaming up with the o for orsum op shoppers over here....I have a question...Usually one leaves an op shop with an eclectic array of colourful random bits and bobs that really have individual charm...key word individual. Have you ever left with EVERYTHING in your hands working so great as a combo?
Perhaps this could be a bit of an op shop challenge I propose to you all. Simply 3 things:
'Twasn't until I got home and doing the usual dress up and I thought hey hey hey AMIGO!
The apron
The sweet crop
and throw in a yellow tupperware // margarita shaker....
...ahora, mi llama Sarita y mi paiz es Mexico!

Crafty news just in...

Trinity Street Loft will be attending the Auckland Art & Craft Fair again!

Going Little Big!

I had such a good time down at The Little Big Markets of The Mt.
Thanks so much to sweetness Lisa & Al for having us stay.
Twas my first market outside of Auckland, and my first market as a tent rather than a table.
Here's what it looked like: Cards & clothes and crafty extras too...I made sure to cover all walls with colour
I really took note at how others were presenting their stalls, and quite fancied a lot of the signs about.
 Special welcome to my new pal Bee (her space & sweet ride above) beaut smile, beaut stall. hullo!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Sewing Dream Comes True

What a headline! 
The exciting day has come to share with you all my new web page: Sew Love Tea Do!
It has been a lot of hard work and long hours (including losing everything once when my laptop was stolen) but finally I have here on the 1st of April launched this spiffy looking webpage! So pleased!
I want to give special thanks to friendy Olivia, a wonderful lass that does so much more than just her amazing maps! & to Beck n Stace too for your artistic advise and mouse clicking. I also am profusely thanking Mr Oratia, my parents and my next door neighbours for putting up with my million questions, brainstorms, stories and vents. Your patience has been hugely appreciated. Im so excited to officially begin...cant wait to galavant off somewhere with my sewing machine family woohoo.
Head on over and have a squizz HERE!
But before you leave and never come back...Trinity Street Loft will still exist in all her crafty card-worthy glory. Antics and adventures, foodie treats and op shop finds, colours of an eco warrior life in general all shall continue on in here in lofty goodness...
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