Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Summer meets Autumn dress projects

Treasure hunting is thee best! Thats why every Tues I join up with Black Bird Has Spoken & 'co' with the op shop showoff. I wonder if any of the 'co' did any op shopping this weekend or were they all having too much fun at bloggers connecting event that I was so sad to miss out on??
I visited some op shops I hadn't been to in a long while (those small out-of-the-way ones that only accept cash so I was limited to the few pingers in my purse), it's always nice to rummage through the fresh new old goodies. And I so love to lay it all out when I get home too. Sit back with a tea, and admire.
These do look a little summery...but I was really excited today at the thought of wearing stockings again & these dresses are the perfect combo! Are you with me?? Amped for coloured warm legs??
I'm preparing some sewing class projects for my dear project Sew Love Tea Do and I thought I would put it to the people to pick the best dress out of these three to combo with tights this Autumn.
 You can have your say over here or leave a comment below if it's easier.

ALSO! If you spot a pattern in an op shop and think it may be something quite fancy please share a pic of it on our facebook or pinterest or even twitter ...Always sew keen to get amongst the vintage sewing over at Sew Love (the new nickname, easier to say too hehe) we will always welcome donations too if you're having a clear out xx


  1. My fave is the blue one on the right, it looks a bit 'love story' preppy with the jersey underneath. Shame you couldn't join us, but there are plans for a follow up meet up in auckland in a year or so x

  2. Hey Sez, I think the middle Butterick pattern would still be quite styley today and great with coloured tights. Very Kate Middletonesque.


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