Friday, 29 June 2012

Never one to throw things out...

This gorgeous guy I found in December in a tiny suburban Napier op shop sale for $1
We had mucho fun times picnicing, mainly summery friday nights in Silo Park
But sadly a wee ding to the side made his insides a-crash & yesterday I was FORCED me to let him go, Id been keeping him as an ornament even if we couldn't use him for cups of tea no longer... quite a large 'ornament' in my quite packed-to-the-gunnels bedroom, so off he went...but, lo & behold..
On Day 1 of holiday, of course a bit of an op shop excursion saw me meet this lovely lass at a sweet Beach Haven op shop for $5 - fully functional! Fate has me pumping hot water for tea for life :)

Thursday, 28 June 2012

The bag ladies...

Projects are getting finished in this weeks creative space. I had made my mum a one off special bag for her birthday a while ago, she modeled it around her friends at work, and then came back with a darling request for me to make 6 more. My oh my, Thames Hospital Lab (where they all work) is going to be looking fine with all their new recycled blanket bags. Most of the linings are pillow cases, one is an up-cycled dress shirt. I hope they don't squabble to much over who gets which. 
Yippee my first custom order finished. Feel free to email me should you want your own :-)
In the meantime, head over here to see what other creative spaces have been looking like this week.

Waterfall mackintoshes & other such sweeties

Life needs more times to wear things with names like: 
Rum punch bustier, puff bolero and a swizzle skirt (below).
& our necks should definitely carry more of this:
& life should have great friends to chat on the phone like this:
Lu Flux certainly knows how to tickle my fancy every season (although i'm a bit delayed on this one released a while ago) with awesome mash ups of fabrics & colour. All sustainably made of course!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

& so I said goodbye

to my un-named yet wonderful industrial plain sewer, 1st row, middle line, New Lynn Campus *sigh*
and twas treated by a visit from mum and a luxurious night in the city!
Good morning Grad Day from the breakfast restaurant, Heritage Hotel Auckland
Mum and I stuffed our tums with a delish breakfast and I readied myself for a special graduation from my first course completed at NZ Fashion Tech - Certificate in Garment Construction.
The neighbourhood looked so pretty with some golden oak leaves still fossiking about. 
So I made mum photograph my little run around - after she made me walk down the wet footpath in my heels ahhh death by slippery leaf!
The glad rags;
Black velvet Jacket - Nana's hand me down
Purple Layered Dress: Mystery op shop from yeeeaarss ago
Yellow Belt: Henderson Hospice Shop 
Bangles (no jangles) & Brooch: Of course from the loft.
Black Organic Cotton Thick Winter Stockings: Farmers
Black Heels: Save Mart (& now in need of a good clean)
Here's to 11 days break kicking back indoors - like this lil guy.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Mercardo Mercardo!

Had such a wonderful weekend working markets on both days. At Love Vintage & Retro Market with Leigh of Cupcake Carnage and our lovely little helpers Gracey & Paige, we had mucho fun - thank you to all our lovely visitors & a special hello to lovely Lydia and Will, eep stop pointing those luscious blankeys at me :) and also a special hello to the sweet and stylish Rose of Decadia - it was so nice to have you as a market neighbour and to chat vintage, sewing, and life alike. Kraftbomb on Sunday was made ever so awesome by being stall neighbours with the fabulous Rachael of Roobit - so great to catch up, and also thank you to special visitors Gemma, Leigh & Holly. So nice to have your support. Some pics of the weekend antics:
Petal bunting collar
Best dressed of the day..
Roobits gorgeous goodies for lil ones

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Cupcake Carnage In The Loft

We're back! With an extra colourful carnivale' themed market stall!
Thats me Trinity Street Loft in colourful combo with lovely Leigh of Cupcake Carnage
The creative space tween us this week has been shuuzhed up with LOOADSS of colour.
Check out the new Carnage Kids:
 & this my sweet toothed friends is an apple crumble cupcake being trialed and tasted to perfection in prep for saturday's Market - Y U M !!
Sweet treats are so nice to treat ourselves with right? Well lucky us, Leigh has been charging up the cupcakes with wintery / vitC packed seasonal home grown produce like this:
and I cant wait to try the antioxidant rich beetroot & chocolate. wow!
 I've made plenty more notebooks, and this time extra bright and funky
& there are some new chipper colourful cards and NEW envelopes too.
There's nearly a new batch of cards every week now.
I keep updating my album of Cards that keep on giving over here
I'd love to know which ones are your favourites !!
& INTRODUCTING...These special treats new on the scene...
Cosy, warm, funky bangles - that dont jangle :) 
I've been wearing a couple all week and they actually keep your wrists warm!
Really, what more do we need this winter?!?
Its lovely seeing them brightening up the lounge
 So life is really a bit of a carnivale at the moment.
Its fun when your creative space is really as colourful as can be.
So fly your lil laptop magical carpet over here to see more
& those in Auckland over the weekend come say hi at Love Vintage & Retro Market on Saturday & Kraftbomb on sunday. yahoo! 
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