Sunday, 29 July 2012

The grand ol AKL Art n Craft Fair

Twas nice to be at a market and be able to wander about (squish through the masses) rather than be behind the table, and what a place to do it at the awesome Auckland Art n Craft Fair yesterday!
I was so super impressed with all of the stalls - and trust me I had them covered with about 5 laps around the venue eek! But first thing in the morn I met up with my big-day-of-markets friend Gem down in the new britomart amazingness. We had a poke around the farmers market and also checked out the saturday design market at Tyler St Garage - some very snazzy goods about. Twas my first time down that area in a long time, It was gorgeous. I recommend you all to go have a squizz.
Then we mozied up to Aotea Centre for the grand event of the day the Auckland Art n Craft Fair. I spent all my moolah and had a fab time ooing and aahhing. One of the most fabulous items I saw on the day were these incredible necklaces made by Bonjour Sweetie if I remember rightly that had tiny viewmaster slides inside. Hold them up to the light and you have a little pocket of childhood memories right there. I am going to send in some of my viewmaster slides hopefully to get a custom made one. 
Oh so colourful colourful Odd one Out & lollies too.
Plastic Fairy amazing work Sam!
Wild Bramble - Howdy Kim !!
Hola amiga! Luzette & her beautiful stall
new Make Believe Madrid magnet taking pride of place on the fridge with these
from Luu
Hydranger Ranger positive postcard
Tofu Tree luggage tag that I'm turning into a necklace
Millicent Crow goodies!
Emily so great to officially meet you in person! and Kim too :) It is a funny thing knowing someone in blogland and then actually meeting them in person. So nice to see Luzette back again in all her colourful glory - I am in love with everything that Luu has!!! & thanks Olivia for reminding me I could actually leave and didn't need to hang out at the fair aaalll day teehee. All that perusing/shopping deserves a hearty delish lunch - YUM!

Now back to work in prep for First Thursday Market this week. yaaooww!
Hope you all had a fab weekend.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

A lil hypnotic...

...brass ensemble anyone??
Giant tubas, rippling muscles, and AMAZING grooves - twas the best Saturday night out in a while
 xx thanks Mr Oratia! xx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Oh to adventure...

Now we know NZ is pretty much top notch when it comes to adventuring off into the lands of bush, rivers and perhaps snow, but I just saw these pics from some friends on a 24km hike in BC, Canada and thought I must share them with you lot as they really do help with a wintery saturday indoors... Makin' me start the count down to summer & perhaps start a wee trip fund jar for some adventuring...Very much a TAKE ME HERE moment.
Great work Nate n Jess !!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

From Costume to Street Cred

Where have I been of late? So slacking in the blog posts, and so cracking in the wardrobe. This Six Items Challenge is really consuming me at the mo, that and I have started my pattern design course this week, and managed to almost get the flu AGAIN.. crumbs...
Remmebering this costume I made earlier this year... featured here and here
Well I have since taken the splore 'stume into mainstream life 
as I search to accessorise the 6 items of clothing that are ruling my July life.
Even Ceri of Ethical Fashion Blog liked them enough to add such doiley action to her 'lovely links' this week. Check out her awesome list over here, I'm stoked to appear next to such great inspirations.
Thanks Ceri!
& Day 13 here includes a wonderful special crochet necklace by the lovely Louana of NZ Green Buttons - thanks so much Louana!! 

You can check out some photos of the challenge so far here or
head on over to the six items challenge blog to check out everyones tales of progress.

Today is actually the first day I was 'over' the clothes I grumiced 'crumbs I just want to wear pants!' (dont worry I didnt, I reached back to the faithful grey woolly skirt) But other than today, It has been fun to accessorise to the maximus and learn that I actually don't need 2 x stacked full wardrobes...

Remember we are fundraising to support Garment Workers Rights so if you would like to sponsor me through this challenge any donation here would be greatly appreciated & If you would like to donate an accessory for me to wear (which I will auction off later with proceeds going to the cause) please leave a comment so I can get in touch.

Please spread the word for the sake of our world's garment workers, share around your friends, family, workmates & blog pals :)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

New Creative Spaces - Photos & Photoshop

This week I have been out of the city down home in the beautiful (wet and windy) Coromandel.
BUT, I have been energized by a challenge I have recently signed up to & I also signed up to a free 30 day trial of photoshop. So this weeks Creative Space has been less sewing and card cutting, and more styling, posing, photographing and learning how to creatively mush photos together in photoshop (mushing is so far all I know how to do..) I welcome your tips tricks and thoughts. 
Day 1 and Day 2 are over here but here's Day 3 and Day 4 of the challenge.
 Updating last weeks Creative Space the ladies loved their new bags, and crumbs did they model them well - Thanks lovelies looking snazzy!
 I also put together this flyer you are welcome to grab it, email it or share it with your friends xx
& if you are reading this in your google reader you might like to head over to the blog & check out my new header, I have been wanting something a bit better than words for a while now, and finally mushed (surely there is a more technical term..?) together some pictures from inside the ol' Trinity Street Loft itself.

Creative Spaces might be a little less computery and a little more hand n yarny over here!

Monday, 2 July 2012

The 6 Items Challenge

So July is here, and in NZ we are in the thick of it, COLD that is.
So as most layer up with as many clothes as possible, I am going on a CLOTHING DIET for July.
Look I even downloaded photoshop trial to have a play with some photos. 
PLEASE send me your tips, that would be ever so nice :) I am so basic & struggling!
So WHY the clothing diet you ask?
Have you heard of Labour Behind the Label? An awesome org that stands up for garment workers rights. They host this challenge called the 6 items challenge and little old me in NZ signed up. I want to do my bit to fundraise and raise awareness of the ugly side of fast fashion & to encourage everyone to THINK about their purchases, you know, really think of where and how it was made, not just look at the price tag, thank your wallet and buy far the challenge has looked a bit like this.
They did a little interview with me here 
Head on over to check out the 6 items challenge blog here there's a few of us round the globe doing it.
& if you want to sponsor me you can go here

Or contact me via email if you would like to donate an accessory (nice or wacky)
to help out my July outfits and a really great cause.
Please share to your hearts content on the ol facebook & your blogs. I know you all LOVE ya fashion! 
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