Sunday, 15 July 2012

From Costume to Street Cred

Where have I been of late? So slacking in the blog posts, and so cracking in the wardrobe. This Six Items Challenge is really consuming me at the mo, that and I have started my pattern design course this week, and managed to almost get the flu AGAIN.. crumbs...
Remmebering this costume I made earlier this year... featured here and here
Well I have since taken the splore 'stume into mainstream life 
as I search to accessorise the 6 items of clothing that are ruling my July life.
Even Ceri of Ethical Fashion Blog liked them enough to add such doiley action to her 'lovely links' this week. Check out her awesome list over here, I'm stoked to appear next to such great inspirations.
Thanks Ceri!
& Day 13 here includes a wonderful special crochet necklace by the lovely Louana of NZ Green Buttons - thanks so much Louana!! 

You can check out some photos of the challenge so far here or
head on over to the six items challenge blog to check out everyones tales of progress.

Today is actually the first day I was 'over' the clothes I grumiced 'crumbs I just want to wear pants!' (dont worry I didnt, I reached back to the faithful grey woolly skirt) But other than today, It has been fun to accessorise to the maximus and learn that I actually don't need 2 x stacked full wardrobes...

Remember we are fundraising to support Garment Workers Rights so if you would like to sponsor me through this challenge any donation here would be greatly appreciated & If you would like to donate an accessory for me to wear (which I will auction off later with proceeds going to the cause) please leave a comment so I can get in touch.

Please spread the word for the sake of our world's garment workers, share around your friends, family, workmates & blog pals :)

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