Thursday, 30 May 2013

Creative Spaces: Simplicity

A lovely friend found a huge pile (look at it its enoromous) of Simplicity and Style sewing patterns. 
I am so in love! Thank you Annie B!
I sorted the stash into piles 
Then from those I didn't like...
So those that I wouldn't sew, but looked quite a lovely picture I have used the pattern covers for cards. & I have stashed the pattern & instructions for wrapping paper on another day. 
Now for that lovely task of grading up all the patterns to actually fit todays women.
Joining up again with Creative Spaces over here...
I forgot to link up but my creative space last week was a bit cosier

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Creative Spaces: So Cosy Darn It

Everyone loves a good corner window seat, especially as the seasons get more cosy.
I've been set up in a darning camp, fixing holes here and there. I am writing a tutorial for the next Glory Days Magazine. If you haven't had a read you can over here. Its so beautiful, in all its vintage splendour, and put together by such a beautiful team. Find them on facebook to see when the next issue arrives.
It's a real privilege to be able to contribute - I write the crafty 'mend and make do' section, 
and so far we up an old picture frame in issue 2
and back in issue 1, it was picnic season so a lined biscuit box was the go.
I am feeling very blessed this week that I can call this corner space 'work' curled up with this lovely patchwork blanket and my freshly darned snug socks on. I should be popping some chocolate or something too, every day this week I have conquered my lengthy to do lists: business & craft yo! I have been such a work horse and boy does it feel good getting things done.
Hooraah for toastie trotters! Teaming up with other Creative spaces over here

Monday, 20 May 2013

Captionless Cards...

Heading back to Kraftbomb again this sunday 11-2 at Grey Lynn Community Centre
I'm also checking out a few new markets happening on Saturday:
 Pt Chevalier Community Market at the community centre on Huia street, 
and also
 Craft Harvest in Parnell, Jubilee Hall 545 Parnell Road
...but first I need a bit of help with these 2 cards ...

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Sweetest place in town!

I found somewhere pretty darn sweet, in the unassuming neighbourhood of New Windsor of all places!
Sweetie Cafe in all her colour and foodie yumminess, swooned me head over heels. Pop art posters popped colour, and the pastel wooden stools felt playhouse like alongside the swirly gigantic meringues. I wanted to set my sewing station up right there I was so inspired by the vintage splendour.
I chatted with the lovely baristas Katherine & Rebecca as they were finishing up for the day, but they took the time to perfect me the best chai ever to go alongside my coconut and caramel slice - top seller they say, and I can understand why - twas to die for! 

... & they completely stole my heart when I saw gumboot on the bevvy list!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Getting my cardmaking fix

Hooray the day has come where I found a great big stash of card offcuts.
Thank you KMG printers
And not only is this recycled from them, the card itself is recycled paper - twice as nice!
So with a hop skip and a jump I made a small batch of new re-sendables. It felt so good!
Message me if you would like any of these ones here.
P.S: Bounty store just re-stocked with a lovely big stash!
& I will be taking some into Ecostore soon.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Cafe Crafting

I met up with some friends last night for a bit of a trial cafe craft night.
We booked a table out back of Circus Circus in Mt Eden 
& got so caught up in crafting we were there till closing!
I'm hoping to do this regularly for Sew Love. Would you like to join in?
 I'm having a go at collages and editing pics over here. tis cool.
Joining up with Creative Spaces this week!

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

It's soon Mothers Day but...

The only one single thing Dad was happy about me bringing home from the seagull centre.
It was sad, broken and had a whiteboard on one side.
I hinted to put Dad to work, and boy did he follow through! SO snazzy!
Thanks to another trip to the Seagull centre today they sported me some chalk. yahoo

Monday, 6 May 2013

May 13 First Thursdays Antics

 First Thursday Market rolled round once again, its a rare beauty, and I always get super excited! Here's some pics I took about the place when I had the chance. Mr Oratia was a charm and watched my stall for a mo. Twas nice to have visits from friends and new smiles too.
...and Eric found a perfect card for his cousins!
...for those who were and are still curious this was Eric in his day.

Underground Vintage

Suitcases packed, and rack strapped
the rain, a bucketing down
about a doz of gals, all full of smiles
tagged, hung, shoes put in a line
huddled the hipster, the vintage, the bargain hunter
 Great new pals were made, and wardrobe swaps obeyed
and a plenty of quirky dresser-uppers
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