Wednesday, 20 November 2013

First Thursdays FIESTA

Helly Lofty Lovelies xxx It's that time of year again! First Thursdays
My all time favourite Auckland event of the year (even though they have a few, the xmas one is the bestest). Usually I'm there with bells on, yes, and all my lofty loot of resendable cards. But as one might have noticed the card making has been on the quiet this year, as Im sinking my teeth into textiles a lot more. So this First Thursdays...and did you hear its a FIESTA!?!...this time I am popping up with Sew Love and doing a Frida inspired fabric flower crown workshop in St Kevins Arcade. Swing by, say hola, pick up a needle and thread and shoosh together some colourful fabric scraps to adorn your noggin like the beautiful bella Frida would. Amigas - we shall have mucho fun! xxx

Monday, 9 September 2013

Weekend Colours

A w/e where I could have just curled up in a ball with a box of tissues listening to tragic songs on classic hits ...turned to one of the most colourful delights, thanks to some beautiful wonderful girlfriends.
xxx biggest love to you all xxx

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Welcoming home

Some special friends arrived home from grand journeys last week. My BF cam back from a month holiday in Canada, I waited in the airport at 4.30am dressed as the above squirrel (getting abused by some lil g's) ...while he sat there watching with a cup of tea waiting and wondering when I was going to arrive so I could get a loada this cute squirrel! ...I couldnt see out of the squirrel head. major design flaw!? AND After two years my fav gal pal is back from Londontown :-) We made her signs, and dressed up like her all time fav pohutukawa trees. Traffic around Auckland airport was a bugger at 5pm on a we were standing on the roadside in Te Puru for a good few hours. It was hilarious though, as we surely made the coro commuters day with our signs and dancing. 
LESSONS LEARNED: Always take the opportunity to dress up and make signs. And even if your idea doesnt go completely to plan, it makes it all the more hilariously strange :-)
Later...there was wine involved.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Melbourne - The Streets

Check out my cammo gear!! (thanks Shar, there's a wee treat for you below too) 
Street art is the best in all its colourful glory

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Melbourne: Two Wheelin'

Bike racks (some woolly like these) are everywhere across Melbourne Town! 
Bikes are everywhere too, it was so so great to see. 
Yes its been pretty quiet around these parts of late, as I am concentrating a lot of my time over here.
I also took a research trip to Melbourne over the last 5 days. I will be sharing the sewing/textile stories over here. But its nice to have the loft as more of a anything goes kind of place where I can share anything that truly excites me. like my number one form of transportation bikes baby bikes!!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lofty Loot winner announcement

I have a sorted list, and each got a lovely number, nothing is more true than mums the I asked mum to pick a number between 1 and 116 (facey friends & bloglovin buddies combined) and she selected.....the big bold 110!!! This is you LISA from Big Little Tales :) :) :) Congratulations. 
All packaged up and ready to post to ya - HOORAH!

Monday, 8 July 2013

Early mornings

I had the privilege to visit a beautiful marae this weekend with a wonderful group of creatives.
We are all artists in some shape or form,
We are all entrepreneurs in some shape or form
We all want to enable, enhance and excite the artisitic ecology in Auckland
in some shape or form.
 A few words and these pictures I took early on sunday morning is all I can share right now, 
but there is awesome news soon to come :-) Orakei Marae (up above Bastian point) was a stunning setting, and I have never felt so good up that early in the morn. peace surrounding us, fullness inside us.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

I FELT like something different - A SHOP!

What's this? Well its a cheeky screen grab from my SHOP!
I'm finally/amazingly/stoked-to-be selling online now over at the beautiful Felt
So if you never can make it to my usual markets or  stockists you now can buy lofty over HERE!
& I thought what the heck, free shipping too :)

A lofty loot GIVEAWAY!

Perhaps this is my first giveaway ... yes indeedy! I wanted to say thank you to my followers/readers and also the crew of 'likers' over on my lofty facebook page. Thanks! Gracias! Ta! que bueno!:) 
Just the other day I reached a lovely 100 likes, not much to some, but feelin' pretty fancy for me. Its been just over a year since I started my paper crafting not just for myself but to share with others too, and its been wonderful, making more, finding more, connecting more - I have met loads of creative ppl and made friends with people I have long admired - what a bonus! So as a thank you to the support out there, I've prepped a pretty bundle of lofty goodness to send to one lucky liker. To be drawn next week...
1 x Golden Hands art pad/book // 3 x resendable cards // 1 x square gift card // 3 x postcards // 4 x vintage lass gift cards // bundle of handmade washi tape // 1 x bird mini jotta pad // 1 doz handmade envelopes 
Head on over and like my lofty facey page if you haven't already, and you might be that lucky chap who gets a whole swag of recycled stationary goodness in your mail box soon - hooray! 
There's a pic over there you may even like to share with your friends...
BONUS ENTRY sound like a bit of you? 
Follow with bloglovin' kos those will counted too!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Post-fair Antics

Walking to room 545 I was praying for an ocean view....and some streaming in sunshine. 
Exactly what we arrived to!
Straight after the Auckland Fair, I know like all other vendors, it's a time to breathe, to catch up on Z's, to perhaps count and re-count the days takings, to thank helpers, to treat oneself to a well earned wine.
Mr Oratia and I were lucky enough to be treated to a hotel room in the city for sat night. So we packed up from the fair, and rolled around the corner, donned the complimentary fluffy white robe, chopped up a nashi pear of all things and I PUT MY FEET UP!  ahhhh!
Napping in the sunshine aside, the lippy was applied and I wiggled into my recently-invested-in-a-piece-of-nz-eco-fashion-history-Starfish dress! woot! We headed out to XuXu a delish Vietnamese inspired cocktail bar, sister to the wonderful Cafe Hanoi. There were drinks to start, and a taster of squid in blackbean sauce with coriander & lime, a delight. CHEERS!
We managed to get a table at Mexico for dinner. Crumbs, que rico, it literally was my cielo!! Seriously good food! We ordered 4 plates between us both, each around $8-$12 dollars, and all packed a flavoursome punch. We had been told the fried chicken was a must, and boy was it! I'm a bit of a sook when it comes to spicy food but it tasted so flavoursome, the spice was actually a thrill to eat. The pork belly soft taco was my favourite though, seriously creamy.
The margie's were poured, and we didn't stop doing our happy dances as we laughed, ate, sang in the smokey, colourful, picture-filled room with latino covers of fat freddy's warming our ears & hearts. I exclaimed on numerous occasions...could this get any more perfect?? (happy dance, happy dance) 
So, I'm pretty much checking the diary for when I can visit next. 
Our italian waiter was ever so polite and took a 'couple' picture for us. awww graci.
 Feeling blessed to have such joy about us.
que bueno? que rico? regresar pronto! y tu tambien?
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