Sunday, 23 June 2013

Doing Little Big with Lanterns!

I had such a great time down in The Mt this w/e
The Little Big Markets were so kind to squeeze me in 
to their special Lantern Night Market on Saturday eve.
And all the boxes were ticked to make 'my kind market'
GOOD music - check!
 Lighting & decorations - check!
Cafe seating/lounge/hangout area - check!
HELLO to any new Taurnanga/Mount visitors to the blog here,
perhaps I might make it over 100likes on our facey page this week...

Thursday, 20 June 2013


Thanks to the wonderful Emily from Millicent Crow
my stampy stampathon of postcards goes so much quicker
I used to hand draw the squiggly little 'stamp goes here' square
but then I thought, I do SO MANY of these, I should invest in a stamp!
and who better to ask than the printing pro Emily, 
she does wonderful screen printing & I think gocco too. 
You should check out her artworks, I have a few of her brooches too.
(she'll be at the Auckland Fair too!)

Creative Spaces: Mucho Making

 With some big markets coming up in the next two weeks, its all busy busy in this weeks Creative Space - making resendable cards AND new (but of course recycled) business cards. I've been sewing a lot lately too, and even put a product online for the first time (that was hella SCARY! and nerve wracking!) - armwarmers for AROHA are still available over here. I've also been researching patterns, attempting to sort my fabric stash, and all sorts of business admin/networking stuff for Sew Love. I don't get headaches very often perhaps once every few years, but I have had some killers the last few days. I'm not one to pop a pain killer to easily either. 
So, my fix? Cardmaking! 
It was truly amazing to realise. 
I sat down with a stack of card, scissors, glue, and some beautiful paper snippets & clippings. 
It felt so easy, no pressure, so automatic, so therapeutic...cutting, glueing, folding. 
Do you find any craft in particular relaxing or soothing? 
 Don't get me wrong, I still LOVE sewing and have mucho plans for more creative spaces filled with thread and fabric scraps. I just love to put pressure on myself, haha, I guess I must make sure I have a little pouch of paper craft in my hand bag for when my spirit calls out for it. In the meantime, here's a grand place to check out some other Creative Spaces this week.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

NOT playing card jenga!

making making making for Lantern Market in the Mt this w/e
making making for the grand ol' Auckland Art & Craft fair nxt w/e

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Mini Mercardo

I've been seeing a bit of mercardo's happening around on facebook from some lovely makers like Rhiannon and Bec so I thought I would give it a go.... Not selling cards yet, but a more seasonal: ARM WARMERS!
If you lurk them faceybook woods then pop on over to my Sew Love page  xx

Friday, 14 June 2013

Op Shopping Gluttony

Some I loved far too much, some I had to leave behind.
Some I stared at for far too long, some a split second, they were tucked in at my side
Some were brights, some were for snuggly cold nights
Some were told: I dont really 'need' this ... to some I have sadly lied.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Creative Space: Super Sewing

I've got my A into G and completed a lot of sewing projects this week. My Creative Spacehas been.. a mess of scraps, patterns, Denim, woolly-ness and threads. I had to bring it all inside its too cold to sew out in the shed. I've been instagramming along the way, you can follow the antics here. I have also been having WAY too much fun on this new photo editing site (new to me, perhaps not new all together)...hence a lovely wee collage to show you all whats come out of my creative space this week:
1. Purple, checkered, woollen hat (reversible, see 7.)
2. Matching the hat, I got this denim skirt in a 'fill a bag' momento, it didn't fit my waistline, but it did with a few buttons undone (yuss!) I created a facing, to purposely turn out..QUESTION: does it need tassles or pom poms hanging off the corners?
3. Re-sewed darts to strengthen in my SNUG fitting woolly pants I bought from Seagull centre for 50c, they are old and some seams are getting a bit holey, worthy fix up though.
4. Daggy jeans also in the 'fill a bag' moment, turned into fitted bodice crop, exposed zipper at the back.
5. Lizard print straight skirt (and black reshaped old mans jumper) SO EXCITED!!
6. Arm warmers, 4 pairs! from scraps of old woollen blankets from making this jacket
7. Fleecy hat (reversible, see 1.) This fabric i've had stashed FOREVER, its super psychedelic.

Check out ye other creative spaces over here

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Who's got the smarts?

I've finally gone and got myself...a smart phone (a second hand one so align with strict my shopping ethics woohoo!). The purchase came after numerous situ's where I thought hmmm if I had a smarty pants phone I wouldn't be in this pickle: Lost, lonesome, card declined... and also I was pretty keen to get amongst this instagram buzz! Here's what i've been instagramming of late... You can follow me here or search @sewloveteado if you have a fellow smarty pants phone. Mostly op shopping momento's and sewing fun!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Shapeshifter Love

I SO SO love adventures and this clip completely rarks up that travel bug inside of me. People have asked why I went to South America, or why on earth atop my travel list is India? - For both, the first answer out of my mouth is COLOURS! I love colours, textiles, costumes, wild dancing. wild food and the music...
I also LOVE Shapeshifter.... and so of course LOVE this:

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