Thursday, 6 June 2013

Creative Space: Super Sewing

I've got my A into G and completed a lot of sewing projects this week. My Creative Spacehas been.. a mess of scraps, patterns, Denim, woolly-ness and threads. I had to bring it all inside its too cold to sew out in the shed. I've been instagramming along the way, you can follow the antics here. I have also been having WAY too much fun on this new photo editing site (new to me, perhaps not new all together)...hence a lovely wee collage to show you all whats come out of my creative space this week:
1. Purple, checkered, woollen hat (reversible, see 7.)
2. Matching the hat, I got this denim skirt in a 'fill a bag' momento, it didn't fit my waistline, but it did with a few buttons undone (yuss!) I created a facing, to purposely turn out..QUESTION: does it need tassles or pom poms hanging off the corners?
3. Re-sewed darts to strengthen in my SNUG fitting woolly pants I bought from Seagull centre for 50c, they are old and some seams are getting a bit holey, worthy fix up though.
4. Daggy jeans also in the 'fill a bag' moment, turned into fitted bodice crop, exposed zipper at the back.
5. Lizard print straight skirt (and black reshaped old mans jumper) SO EXCITED!!
6. Arm warmers, 4 pairs! from scraps of old woollen blankets from making this jacket
7. Fleecy hat (reversible, see 1.) This fabric i've had stashed FOREVER, its super psychedelic.

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