Tuesday, 27 September 2011

fun at the fan fair

In the weekend I met up with some friends and walked the fan trail backwards from Kroad. We saw plenty of smiling faces, heard plenty of chanting, and we stopped off for some whiskey half way down. Library Bar was where we finished our walk where we sipped red wine and tilted back our lazy boy chairs to watch the AB's  - Wow what a game! ....Although, nothing compared to the Warriors! We jumped the queue at Andrew Andrew to watch the Warriors smash the Aussies jus the way we like it :)

 A Stopover at Sam Snead's Whiskey House opening 

...and back to the ruggaz
They were chanting 'we said we said we are here, we are home' how nice!

Sorry France, not this time!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Whiskery opening

photo courtesy of: artlife

Some lovely friends of mine Sam and Karina are opening their Whiskey House. 
There will be 100's of whiskeys to swirl and sip - yum!
Its down by the Chancery, near High Street.
So if you like whiskey.. i'll see ya saturday!

Monday, 19 September 2011

Determined for spring

With hints of sunshine about in the air I managed to stop in at the Oratia Farmers Market in the weekend to taste and find some colourful treats. Best discovery of the day has to be Hakanoa Ginger Beer with Chili & Lime. NOM!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Swellington ever so so swell

12 hours on the train AKL - WLGT. Twas more than just interesting scenic views, we had devonshire tea in National Park too. Our carriage (or as I call it Caboose) was very lively and full of cackling daffodils from red jackets, and 'oh my word(s)' from the green & gold. 

Much to their dismay I was not sporting my own colours so did not live up to my self proclamation 'hardcore rugby fan' and saying I was headed to the wonderful Wearable Arts....'the Weara what?!' was the usual response. 

Still, I kept up with the 10.30am beers and RWC bets.
(My sad camera was still where I left it on my bed at home so no pics from the roadie)

So to CBD Wellington: More than windy and wild, twas welcoming and wonderful too!
Its really a fantastic city to just spend your time wandering about the streets. 
I felt completely spoilt with the whole city a-buzz with RWC colours, and friendly chats n banter on every corner. 

The splendid tastes:

1 & 2: 178 Cuba St - Amazing funky cafe with picture perfect food
3 & 4: Underground Market - Breakfast Empanada! & delish fudge treats.

The underground market with such wonderful marketeers:
Some wonderful people I chatted to and worth a further squizz online: 

The window shopping was glorious...

...and my most favourite store of all....?
Missy's Room (x2) on Cuba Street - goodies galore! 
colours colours everywhere....

and that was just the CBD.... just wait to hear how I took to the suburbs
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