Sunday, 27 November 2011

The first signs of summer and i'm headed straight ...

HOME TO THE CORO!! We arrived late on friday and decided it best to get some takeaways for a quick supper. While waiting for our pizzas much to my delight Bounty was having a special open late christmas shopping night. Two steps into the door and I was served a glass of champagne and Mr Oratia started on the platter of bright red strawberrys - what a treat!
  Now a visit home is never complete without a quick stop in the sally to rummage through some blouses and blazers, an extra chocky mocha from Sola Cafe, and a stroll around the morning mercardo. Bliss
and lookie here I found a place to vote

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Gingerly she rode

Lately I've been trying a bit of this.... Triathalon-y stuff. The training has been biking the 14km to work everyday and luckily for me work is just by ibike - an awesome store full of tri gear, knowledge and spirit. The genourous, kind and friendly crew of ibike have been making a little room for my little yellow 2wheeler and so I thought I better get creative to deliver them a sweet and fun thank you treat - and so is this weeks creative space of ...
my first attempt of gingerbread cookies
 A bike can never have too many spare wheels
and sometimes the day is just a bit nicer with a little heart, soul & ginger spices thrown in

Monday, 21 November 2011

5 weeks and counting...

Time to start compiling my xmas wish list...
Starting with this lil cutie from here

One of them days where you think...

Life just can't get much better than this....!!

The sun got turned right up, the beats were bustin, the goodies were all good, 
the scrumptious treats - scrummy yummy! 
..and ofcourse some general shennanigans shenangd.
Can ya guess which bag I purchased :)
See ya there next year.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Ginger latte served on paisley blue

Yes, I am feeling rather darn spoilt. 
The recent opening of a delightful cafe, just a skip from my front door.
....and with such gorgeous vintage taste to boot!
The foodie goodies are divine, and all the staff are so sweet and friendly
The place is literally... humming!
Swing by the corner of Tomo & Croyden, and wrap your watering mouth around a delightful Ginger Latte  (made from local Hakanoa ginger syrup ofcourse) - Yummo!
Melting Mo's i've got my eye on you....

Monday, 7 November 2011

Cocina de Carribean

Just a stone's throw from my work there's a neuva restaurante' opening, its bright colours drew me in, and then the name Atico Cocina - ooo yay another place to practice my spanish yahoo!
& on the menu...arepas, empanadas, ceviche mmm mmm - taking me straight back to Colombia and the scrumptious flavours we shared.
Miss you mi amigas !!

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