Monday, 28 May 2012

Free The Sea!

There is only one week left to order your spunky Free The Sea tee!
Over the last number of weeks I have been working with the amazing Miranda Brown and assisting with the launch of this awesome campaign FREE THE SEA.
MB has partnered up with fantastic organisations like Enviroschools, Forest & Bird & Project Jonah with the aim to create more awareness of protecting our oceans! 
How often do we actually know WHERE exactly our purchases come from or on WHAT JOURNEY to us they acutally came? With Free The Sea it is all very exciting - once you order your tee over here, you will get regular updates on the process of dying & printing & makings all in an ethical and environmentally conscious manner. What amazing insight into the makings of a simple tee. The story shall unravel and in October your awesomely made tee will arrive and you will know exactly where it has come from, right down to the organic plant roots (yes you could actually pop it on your compost heap it is THAT biodegradable).
You can choose your colour (which is all natural plant dyes)
You then can choose your motif print (which is created using veggie/plants & seaweed - yum!)
Out of all MB's hand sketched heartfelt artworks my fav is the  pod of whales.
So if you love our gorgeous sandy beaches, and you love our marine life please head on over here to support the worthy cause. Every purchase includes a donation to your choice of the charitable partners: Enviroschools, Project Jonah, Forest & Bird
Remember, every bit helps to having a cleaner more prettier life for us all on earth, fish & mammals alike to enjoy (in bikini's & boats or in scales & fur)
Head over to Facey they have a page I think you may like :)

Sunday, 27 May 2012

A w/e full of marketeering

where Cupcake Carnage (soon to have a facey page for ya'all to LIKE) met up with Trinity Street Loft for a day of colourful antics and Cupcake Carnage in The Loft. Twas indeedy.
 Plenty of folks loooooved Leigh's cupcakes. 
Flavours of the day were: Spiced Roast Pumpkin (my fav with gold cinnamon glitter)
Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean, & Chocolate Suprise (with dulce de leche inside, que rico!)
 VIP's like my parentals :) ...
and also Silver Fern Maria Tutaia stopped by to buy a card & some cupcakes
 but I was WAY too shy to ask for a photo
We made some lovely new friends about the place
 - it was very hard not to peruse the vintage splendour
Hello to Lydia & Will :-)
 Dan & Niki from Odd One Out were lovely to speak to and had such an amazing assortment of pretty much everything I would like to have in my home one day.
Twas plenty of sewing inspirations about for a winter trench I am going to be working on this week
Crumbs and that was just Saturday...
 Kraftbomb was Sunday where I had a table on my own again, so less snap happy with the camera, but just as much colour and craft happening about.

Make Believe
my new (old) cabinet - my new markety best friend
 I hope you all had a lurvely weekend :) I am officially pooped and in much need of an early-to-bed with a cup of tea (and a sneaky leftover cupcake of course)

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pinny for my thoughts this Creative Space

Gotta love a good pinny !!
in all their colourful vinty splendour
Ready for saturday's Love Vintage & Retro Market
If you're in the hood, come along and say hi, it would be rather sweet if you did.
because Leigh from Cupcake Carnage is teaming up with Trinity Street Loft...
Cupcake Carnage in The Loft means...a) plenty of sweet treats
& b) plenty of new specially retro/vinty goodies from here in the loft.
 So come on down! Don't be a spoon..
Whip your fav 50's dress on and whip (again) down to Trinity Methodist Church
corner of New North & Sandringham 10 - 3pm
you wouldn't wanna be late, and see an empty plate now would ya :)
tee hee smiles for happy thursday !!
My Creative Space has been manic this week and still is manic, FUN, but manic.
This here is the madness... Im sure the folk over here have much tidier Creative Spaces maybe?

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Wowee my 100th bloggy post

So for this lil milestone post I thought I may as well do something a little spesh... 
I have been somewhat encouraged (forcefully?!?) by a friend or two to do an 'outfit' post. Thats what 'proper' bloggers do right? Especially ones who go to fashion school, surely I must have something to say/show about what I wear..?
Well turns out while i'm never afraid of a camera, I end up a bit of a goof in front of it (never one to believe I can pull off 'pretty' poses)
I had studied up the my fav fashiony bloggers like:
 the thirfty crafty n ever so vinty Clazzerati
the sweet n pretty Amanda from Here Comes The Sun
& the clever throw together Jen from A Little Bird Told Me
 ..and decided my date night with Mr Oratia on friday may be the perfect occasion to get a bit snap happy, and him in training on the camera. How do you girls do it??
 Trench coat on, and we were off in to the city for yummy Korean dinner, Giapo's desert then a bitta Steve Wrigley & Ben Hurley comedy at the awesomely funky Q Theatre
What Op Shop? 
Cream Wool Dress: $8 Savemart NewLynn, Akl
Yellow Jacket Jersey: $6 Salvo's Glen Eden, Akl
Scarf worn as belt: $2 Salvo's Thames
Black velvet & gold bag: $3 Salvo's Te Puke
(Made in NZ) Trench: $12 Hospice shop, Greerton, Tga
Floral Brooch: $0 Made by darling friend Leigh xx
The pain in Mr Oratia's face after all the photos: Priceless :)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Twas Crafternoon Tea-ing it up

Welcome to the Crafternoon Tea that was Saturday :)
Big thank you's to the lovely visitors that came and kept the bench warm with me xx
Zippity Doo Dah
Cake Pops
Absolutely Alice
Whimsy Fix
Anna from Whimsy Fix had done such an awesome job of her stall presentation, twas the best of the day me thinks! I am watching and learning to improve my stall, Anna had some fantastic ideas, and a handy hubby too to build together some shelving... (I hope Mr Oratia is reading this)
& last photos of the day of my little loft. My pint sized table was full of new colours. I am thinking of upgrading to a full table next time just so I dont look like a lil pimp squeak haha!
Great news, more cards are in need of making :) woohoo!
 Next Markets:
 Love Vintage & Retro Market (Kingsland 10-3 This Saturday)
Kraftbomb (Grey Lynn 10-2 This Sunday)

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