Sunday, 27 May 2012

A w/e full of marketeering

where Cupcake Carnage (soon to have a facey page for ya'all to LIKE) met up with Trinity Street Loft for a day of colourful antics and Cupcake Carnage in The Loft. Twas indeedy.
 Plenty of folks loooooved Leigh's cupcakes. 
Flavours of the day were: Spiced Roast Pumpkin (my fav with gold cinnamon glitter)
Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean, & Chocolate Suprise (with dulce de leche inside, que rico!)
 VIP's like my parentals :) ...
and also Silver Fern Maria Tutaia stopped by to buy a card & some cupcakes
 but I was WAY too shy to ask for a photo
We made some lovely new friends about the place
 - it was very hard not to peruse the vintage splendour
Hello to Lydia & Will :-)
 Dan & Niki from Odd One Out were lovely to speak to and had such an amazing assortment of pretty much everything I would like to have in my home one day.
Twas plenty of sewing inspirations about for a winter trench I am going to be working on this week
Crumbs and that was just Saturday...
 Kraftbomb was Sunday where I had a table on my own again, so less snap happy with the camera, but just as much colour and craft happening about.

Make Believe
my new (old) cabinet - my new markety best friend
 I hope you all had a lurvely weekend :) I am officially pooped and in much need of an early-to-bed with a cup of tea (and a sneaky leftover cupcake of course)

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  1. Looks like it was a fantastic weekend!! Ill be looking forward to trying some of those cupcakes when I see you next!! :)


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