Monday, 14 May 2012

Family Weekending

 I headed home to the Coro for the weekend - mothers day and a special birthday for mum.
I was straight inside to set the table up pretty
arranging treats baked from my friend Leigh of Cupcake Carnage
Dad and I DIY'd it together to make a vintage plate tiered cake stand.
I stood out on the porch for a long time in the cold trying to be fancy with a tray service awaiting Mums arrival home from work (yes she had to work on a saturday AND her birthday)
Then dad and I got straight to work to serve up starters
Harvarti cheese & parma ham, Moroccan carrot dip, olives, breads - yumness.
and bubbles too of course 
Then Dad and I set to main course...thats me stressing over the recipe! eep!
Chicken with figs ginger & lemon on a coriander, polenta base with roasted pumpkin & feta salad and plenty of mums fav: Broccoli. It didn't photograph to well, so let your imagination go at how wonderful it looked and tasted hehe. 
The night was merry! & topped off well with delish cupcakes for desert
So with Day 1 of mums birthday over, day 2 began with Mothers day
 sweet treat breako after a lavish sleep in 
..waking up to the mad rooster and neighbours cows mooing
 Mums fav past time is her garden so we went on a bit of a rummage about the autumn glory
 Let me know if anyone can top the size of mums fejoas!
 Then we headed up the Thames coast to Te Puru, 
Grandmas spirit is frolicking amonst the waves out there
Happy mothers day Grandma xxxx
 We toasted to Grandma and shared some more sweet treats
 & I even got my mum doing some 'bloggy poses'
We finished up the weekend with eating leftovers, and listening to the chiefs game on the radio..
I hope you all had fabulous mothers days & enjoyed treating your well deserving mums.

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  1. Aw Sarah your mum is so lucky to have a special girl like you!!!


Thank you for taking the time to share some cheer. Xx

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