Monday, 28 May 2012

Free The Sea!

There is only one week left to order your spunky Free The Sea tee!
Over the last number of weeks I have been working with the amazing Miranda Brown and assisting with the launch of this awesome campaign FREE THE SEA.
MB has partnered up with fantastic organisations like Enviroschools, Forest & Bird & Project Jonah with the aim to create more awareness of protecting our oceans! 
How often do we actually know WHERE exactly our purchases come from or on WHAT JOURNEY to us they acutally came? With Free The Sea it is all very exciting - once you order your tee over here, you will get regular updates on the process of dying & printing & makings all in an ethical and environmentally conscious manner. What amazing insight into the makings of a simple tee. The story shall unravel and in October your awesomely made tee will arrive and you will know exactly where it has come from, right down to the organic plant roots (yes you could actually pop it on your compost heap it is THAT biodegradable).
You can choose your colour (which is all natural plant dyes)
You then can choose your motif print (which is created using veggie/plants & seaweed - yum!)
Out of all MB's hand sketched heartfelt artworks my fav is the  pod of whales.
So if you love our gorgeous sandy beaches, and you love our marine life please head on over here to support the worthy cause. Every purchase includes a donation to your choice of the charitable partners: Enviroschools, Project Jonah, Forest & Bird
Remember, every bit helps to having a cleaner more prettier life for us all on earth, fish & mammals alike to enjoy (in bikini's & boats or in scales & fur)
Head over to Facey they have a page I think you may like :)

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