Monday, 14 May 2012

Word to ma mother

Meet my smiling, summery, stupendous mum :) 
Born 12th May 1952. She's still going strong and looking fab! as she should, she ain't old yet.
Not only am I swooning over her old wardrobe of dresses and jumpers these days, 
there is so much more I adore looking through old photo albums of my mum.
Up for any adventure, a fancy one
or not so fancy one
A kind and caring soul, 
nuturing the little critters
Getting glamourous as ever with short skirts & curling tongs
but overall her love for nature and the outdoors was and remains most strong. 
and even when covered with kisses and compliments,
she smiles a humble Christine smile & just gets on with the day.
You rock mum !! Happy mothers day!! 
& Happy 60 years of being awesome beautiful courageous you!!


  1. These photos of your mum are absolutely adorable! I love how those authentic photos give you the really vintage feel :) I think I need to post some more of my moms old photos too :)

  2. Happy Birthday Christine, whata Babe! xx

  3. Such lovely photos darl!! I can see exactly where you and ur sister get your good looks from :)


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