Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pinny for my thoughts this Creative Space

Gotta love a good pinny !!
in all their colourful vinty splendour
Ready for saturday's Love Vintage & Retro Market
If you're in the hood, come along and say hi, it would be rather sweet if you did.
because Leigh from Cupcake Carnage is teaming up with Trinity Street Loft...
Cupcake Carnage in The Loft means...a) plenty of sweet treats
& b) plenty of new specially retro/vinty goodies from here in the loft.
 So come on down! Don't be a spoon..
Whip your fav 50's dress on and whip (again) down to Trinity Methodist Church
corner of New North & Sandringham 10 - 3pm
you wouldn't wanna be late, and see an empty plate now would ya :)
tee hee smiles for happy thursday !!
My Creative Space has been manic this week and still is manic, FUN, but manic.
This here is the madness... Im sure the folk over here have much tidier Creative Spaces maybe?


  1. Very cute pinny's! Creative spaces can get quite messy... my dining table can get into a right shambles :)

  2. Love the pinnys (especially the one with the cornflour box), hope the market goes well on Saturday!

  3. The Pinny's are so so so so sweet! And the cupcakes look delish! Good luck for Sat xx

  4. Now that we have finally shifted I will be able to set up my little creative area to look just like yours!


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