Thursday, 17 May 2012

My Creative Space is in the mix!

This weeks creative space has been a mixed array of creative mediums. When i have not been learning how to use & sweatin' over making this special clip for a very special friend of mine. I have somehow found some time to a) go for my first run in aaaaagges and b) get some new ideas crafted up for some up and coming markets.
The dining room table has become a bit of a sewing factory, 
with 40 brand spanking new one-of-a-kind cards...
...and plenty of colourful cheerful fabric too! 
(& don't we need it with all this windy wet weather rumbling outside?!?!)
Do you like awesomely clashed, bright, funky fabrics that can carry your wallet & thin lizzy too? 
Then come along to Crafternoon Tea this Saturday to check out the new bags im a makin' out of felt, scarves, and vintage dress offcuts.
There are plenty of other creative spaces being filled with colour and cheer this week, have a look over here! Happy thursday to you my sweet lil readers :) xx

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  1. Looking good darl. Im really gunna have to get my butt over to see you!


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