Thursday, 15 March 2012

Caption that!

In this weeks creative space i've been making some more ONE OF A KIND, SHARIN' THE LOVE, PASS ME ON cards, if you haven't met these cards before their special-ness is explained here
These keen adventurer's are all images from old roughed up/discarded kids books and vintage nat geos rescued from the tip - now they're ready to head to the sewing machine for top stitching, but some are still awaiting captions...
Add caption A
Add caption B
Add caption C
So...I thought I would have my very first competition/giveaway!
The prize: 3 x custom made cards (just let me know your theme of choice & I can start hunting for some   lost vintage pictures), or you may choose from some I've already made. 
So...How do you get your hands on some of these cards?
A) Ensure you're follower of the blog via google connect, see on the right on my homepage to do this.
B) Leave a comment below with your captions for each of the cards A B & C 
C) Remember to leave your email address if you don't have an account to sign in with.

I so so look forward to your caption ideas and I do hope you like my cards :)
& while you are pondering, why not go see more of the wonderful Creative Spaces here.

Mr Oratia; school teachery humourous grammatical extraordinare will judge the best and I will print and show everyone the winning captions next thursday.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

West is pretty much the best

With my sister over visiting from Aussie, and Mother Bear up from the Coro this weekend, Mr Oratia and I decided to show the girls a bit of our westie life starting with Oratia Farmers Market, the best place for a saturday morn.
We tasted sausies, pickles, cheese, fudge, breads, hummus the lot - and bought the lot too!
We packed in our treats and headed further west to the wonderful Piha
 We picnic'd on the sand and watched the few surfers. 
Then to ease our stuffed bellys we took a stroll to Kitekite falls
...and what would a westie adventure be without a cafe stop with a giant Auckland wide view. We finished up at Elevation to indulge in a chai latte on the breezy deck.

One week and one year ago...

I met the lovely broad smile of Mr Oratia, and since that day he has been filling my life with joy - adventures, baking, dancing, laughing and endless cups of tea. To celebrate our first year sharing life together we did what we so love to often do ... ventured to the water for a picnic!
 After sharing our his & hers treats we snuggled back and watched the clouds hang at bay long enough for a nice sundown over the hills and water

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Handmade in ma hood!

Whilst out on my run today round the hood, 
I noticed a sign that looked pretty good.
I liked them on facebook as you also should,
and found all the info I could.
Looks like its gonna be as sweet as pud!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

First Thursday Market

Here's a few pics from my market stall at First Thursday market this week. It was a friendly, fabulous place for people like me new to this whole thing. Thanks to Jessica for all her organising and wonderfulness! And to the wider First Thursday crew, what a wonderful event with so much going on, and didn't that banana yellow cruiser bike look totally devine !?!
For those who saw the backs the other day, now you can see the fronts. 
Nan's bookshelf brooches I have called this little collection.
I do love a good brooch, and I dabbled in a few different recycling methods to make a few styles.
Also I had some fun with making some special gift cards - cards that keep on giving.
I should explain a little about these save-the-trees/share-the-love cards I've made.
Like this tea lovers card above (who is now off to many new homes), all cards can be re-sent over and over and over. Simply pull out the (recycled) paper insert and rewrite your personal message and send on. Though first you must draw yourself into the circle of friends on the back. All cards are sold with a pretty, inside-out envelope. I spoke to a couple of people about doing some custom made cards, if you are interested, just email me & let me know your theme/occasion - and I can email through some found image options.
I am excited to send these lil guys off on a globe trotting adventure, and I hope that possibly one day I might see one again with a whole line of dressed up people on the back.

I also made some driftwood necklaces using wood from Napier, Tapapakanga, & Peka Peka beaches from this summers adventures. The straps are made from bike tyre inner tubes. Not only is the dirftwood a strong natural connection to wear around your neck, I also wanted to enhance our ties to our environment with the funky tribal colours - a reminder of the peoples of our world who live off the land & do so with such respect para la pachamama (for the mother earth). 
and a bit of an action shot to finish :)

Thank you to all of those who stopped by, and a warm welcome to any new followers of the blog, feel free to say hola in the comments box !!
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