Thursday, 15 March 2012

Caption that!

In this weeks creative space i've been making some more ONE OF A KIND, SHARIN' THE LOVE, PASS ME ON cards, if you haven't met these cards before their special-ness is explained here
These keen adventurer's are all images from old roughed up/discarded kids books and vintage nat geos rescued from the tip - now they're ready to head to the sewing machine for top stitching, but some are still awaiting captions...
Add caption A
Add caption B
Add caption C
So...I thought I would have my very first competition/giveaway!
The prize: 3 x custom made cards (just let me know your theme of choice & I can start hunting for some   lost vintage pictures), or you may choose from some I've already made. 
So...How do you get your hands on some of these cards?
A) Ensure you're follower of the blog via google connect, see on the right on my homepage to do this.
B) Leave a comment below with your captions for each of the cards A B & C 
C) Remember to leave your email address if you don't have an account to sign in with.

I so so look forward to your caption ideas and I do hope you like my cards :)
& while you are pondering, why not go see more of the wonderful Creative Spaces here.

Mr Oratia; school teachery humourous grammatical extraordinare will judge the best and I will print and show everyone the winning captions next thursday.


  1. Caption A: Princy in the middle!

    Caption B: Where's Liam?

    Caption C: Nemo, found!

  2. Ha! I love these kind of challenges -

    Caption A: Tally Ho - it's off to your Birthday we go!
    Caption B: Did I miss something? (anniversary, birthday)
    Caption C: Boo (I miss you)


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