Wednesday, 27 March 2013

A5 pads for crafty folk

Introducing a new crew in the loft: Sweet slender A5 art pad for crafty creative cats 
.....and now I can admit my new addiction....
Thoroughbred? Paton? ANY kind of A5 knitting booklet, barely gets past me.
Ok, well there are a few 'plain Janes', but these beauties here have made it through a rigorous 
selection process. Factoring in accessories, colour, instant wow factor, & laugh-ability.
(Just so happens that most of these also have a lovely camel toe-ness about them - oops!)
Covers are sewn onto recycled card and all have a sturdy recycled card backing.
Knitting instructions are included inside so you can knit AND scribble.
The lovely ladies below are still in the making process.
I'd love to know which ones are your fav's ??
These make me get a little bit excited for the cooler seasons coming up.
Winter doesn't have to be dark and dreary after all!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A snazzy photoshoot

Let's get a few things on the table...I love being behind the camera - but I don't own an AMAZE one and I'm no good at photoshop! I also love being in front of the camera - but I'm often looking like a dawkazoid rather! Today with the help of Mother Bear we toured about the historical part of this here small town for a bit of a photoshoot with my best bud Miss Janome S Series 313. I am in need of some snazzy pics for the Sew Love Tea Do website. Currently I have just the facebook page
I got used to 'posing' and Mother Bear got used to me shouting framing up instructions. Now I have been staring at photoshop, clicking buttons at random...but I then discovered some new filters on Wix where I am website building. The one above is Avenue & the one below is Boardwalk. Appropriately named as we were down a little ave, by a boardwalk (and yes) down by the sea!
Rookies, gotta start somewhere hey!

'Adjusty Shorts' (originally curtains):Sew Love Tea Do
'You Big Girls Blouse' (originally a ripped up mans shirt): Sew Love Tea Do
Hat, earrings & measuring tape: thrifted of course!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dear Friend: 3shots,10sec timer

(p.s Looked like a dawk to passing traffic, road side on my own, 
jumping three times quickly repeatedly for my camera!)

Easter Antics To Follow...

I have enlisted some manly biceps, borrowed a marquee, and am ironing a special eastery dress, for the wonderful Lofty debut at ....
I am so excited to dress up more than just a table full of goodies. Poor Mr Oratia has been shaken awake with me and my 'brainstorming' of new display ideas all night. I so hope it is good + outdoors will be interesting...
 I have used up the very last of my card offcuts (if you know/work for a printer please let me know I am after board offcuts plleeaasse). I only have skinnier scraps now which I am using as postcards and gift tags etc, so at this stage there will be no more new Re-sendable Cards. 
I have however been making something NEW with card.... 
Yes! Swing tags! For lofty vintage and such. 
I am looking forward to sharing some of my colourful wardrobe that I have accumulated over the years. Lined up on the rack, they all look a bit easter eggy really. Perfect!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

got pink dust in my eyes...

With glorious sprinklings of sugar coated pinky candlewick-edness!
the VERY VERY LAST of the cardstock is now aallll used up - tear ~

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Re-sendable cards ...

...are back in full force at Ecostore and currently they are the only place you can buy my re-sendable one-of-a-kind, 100% recycled cards, other than some up and coming markets.
...and until I find a new place to get my offcuts of card from I cannot make any more of these (I only have less than 100 left in stock eep!). Perhaps it is an end of an era as I move on to sewing more clothing & textiles. BUT with so many people getting so much joy out of these cards, I just cant quite give them up that I am on the look out for more nice thick card stock

In the meantime... 1 Scotland Street, Freemans Bay is where the lovely giant Ecostore is at.

Op Shop Tuesday

I am teaming up with fellow thrifty op shoppers over here today. I have been keen to share what beauties I have found of late. My local 'seagull centre' is just such an amazing treasure trove! 
I fell pretty hard for these 2 chairs, I love a good chair don't you? 
I got some more fabrics and a few cushions to cover too. and I now can NEVER walk past the A5 knitting patterns the thoroughbred/paton ones? I just love their retro pose, im going to do something crafty with them asap!
 ....and yesterday while visiting my grandparents in the lovely Morrinsville. I learned of 'the yellow shed' junk yard - which as you can see looks like a junk yard, but with exuberant vintage boutique prices! I was not a happy hoarder! (despite the cross trainer proving to make me smile).
...I did come away with some little treats - my favourite being this giant fan cover, which i am going to use as a market display for lots of little bits n bobs / fruit bowl. 
Now, To paint mint green or to leave as white?

Much like Alice,

I have been down a bit of a rabbit hole... its been a bit of a whirlwind of late...with creepy thieves, concerts, flowers and such like. The main reason I haven't been about this neck of the woods lately is some sneaky gnome broke into Mr Oratias car and stole away with my laptop... Perfect timing right before I had a meeting with Janome to present a special sewing project! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I learned (and I also learned about google docs)! I have managed to pull things back together, despite losing copious amounts of photos. & the 'business plan' is back on track soon to have  a bit of a laauuunchh. Love has been in the air with 2 x weddings and a special 2 year anniversary with my lovely sweet other half: Mr Oratia. I have been sharing my weeks half 'tween the Crafty Cave in Coro and the Titirangi Treehut for weekends with friends/pool/concerts/markets/silo cinemas!

We have been to sooo many of the silo cinemas lately. I love them! 
Searching for Sugarman was the best!
 I have been spoilt rotten spending quality time with my two best lads: Mr Oratia & Eric xx
 Eating lots and dancing lots!
 Silo Park Rice n Beans festival was hot and hot!
Crafty cave in the coro, and the yum fruits from our orchard!

 Colourful weddings & fun times dressing up!
 Breakfasts in the pouring sun... 
 The Treehut - not a bad place to chillax in this extended summer!
High Five to life!

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