Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Much like Alice,

I have been down a bit of a rabbit hole... its been a bit of a whirlwind of late...with creepy thieves, concerts, flowers and such like. The main reason I haven't been about this neck of the woods lately is some sneaky gnome broke into Mr Oratias car and stole away with my laptop... Perfect timing right before I had a meeting with Janome to present a special sewing project! What doesn't kill you makes you stronger I learned (and I also learned about google docs)! I have managed to pull things back together, despite losing copious amounts of photos. & the 'business plan' is back on track soon to have  a bit of a laauuunchh. Love has been in the air with 2 x weddings and a special 2 year anniversary with my lovely sweet other half: Mr Oratia. I have been sharing my weeks half 'tween the Crafty Cave in Coro and the Titirangi Treehut for weekends with friends/pool/concerts/markets/silo cinemas!

We have been to sooo many of the silo cinemas lately. I love them! 
Searching for Sugarman was the best!
 I have been spoilt rotten spending quality time with my two best lads: Mr Oratia & Eric xx
 Eating lots and dancing lots!
 Silo Park Rice n Beans festival was hot and hot!
Crafty cave in the coro, and the yum fruits from our orchard!

 Colourful weddings & fun times dressing up!
 Breakfasts in the pouring sun... 
 The Treehut - not a bad place to chillax in this extended summer!
High Five to life!

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