Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A snazzy photoshoot

Let's get a few things on the table...I love being behind the camera - but I don't own an AMAZE one and I'm no good at photoshop! I also love being in front of the camera - but I'm often looking like a dawkazoid rather! Today with the help of Mother Bear we toured about the historical part of this here small town for a bit of a photoshoot with my best bud Miss Janome S Series 313. I am in need of some snazzy pics for the Sew Love Tea Do website. Currently I have just the facebook page
I got used to 'posing' and Mother Bear got used to me shouting framing up instructions. Now I have been staring at photoshop, clicking buttons at random...but I then discovered some new filters on Wix where I am website building. The one above is Avenue & the one below is Boardwalk. Appropriately named as we were down a little ave, by a boardwalk (and yes) down by the sea!
Rookies, gotta start somewhere hey!

'Adjusty Shorts' (originally curtains):Sew Love Tea Do
'You Big Girls Blouse' (originally a ripped up mans shirt): Sew Love Tea Do
Hat, earrings & measuring tape: thrifted of course!

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