Wednesday, 29 February 2012

This little piggy went to market...

Who knew that slaving over needle n thread, glue sticks, and driftwood would require so much baking and treat eating also? This little piggy is definitely going to market!

This Market!
The line up looks so full of fun and games you all must come have a squizz! I am especially looking forward to the frocks on bikes... A little envious I couldn't get on my bike to join them, but oh that's right i'm a marketeer now ooee! There will be work to be done!
just a snippet here of adding the finishing touches to some brooch backs - you can see the fronts tomorrow night. Come give me a smile :-) at St Kevins Arcade, K-Road, 6 - 9pm

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dancing doilies

My creative space for the past wee while has been completely consumed by making things for the wonderous weekend that just was - SPLORE. 

A giant family of friends came together and plotted the Tea's Me tent where we settled into the theme camping area to welcome any curious passer by to join us for a cuppa (a bikkie) and a chat - what was needed was a nannery, mad hattery space to enjoy... Here's where Leigh & I empty our rooms and bags n boxes of colourful random fabrics to play house with...and here's how it ended up..
 I had been posting a bit about some dying doily missions I have been on. There has been plenty of watching paint dry, and plenty of wonky positioned hand sewing...
though I was really stoked with the final outcome - covered colour & comfy enough for a good lunge:

 A special hello to Lis from Annie & I, and a thanku to Lis for your marvelous help xx
After the Tea's Me tent hosted many a tea party for many a stranger & friend,
and after the costumes were unleashed and photographed, and sweated to the death, 
I finally got to put my creative hat down, kick off my jandeys and dance dance dance under the sun
In a place, 
a creative space
In a colourful kind of heaven.
Head over to see what other antics have been occuring lately on Our Creative Spaces

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Hurrahh for Splore!!
The lavish long 4 day weekend just gone was one tornado-ing with colour, joy and yellow sunshine!
 I have 100's of pics to sift through, so stay tuned for a bit of a colour explosion over the next wee while.
Costume-wise...I made Eric into Super Splore Eric (above). I also did a last min throw together fairy costume (top pic) for friday. Mr Oratia, Jen & I even made it on the NZ Herald website ooee! check it right here. And for the hooha party on saturday...the weeks of slaving over hand dyed and stitched up doileys turned out like this:
 There will be more Splore for sure!!

Monday, 13 February 2012


... your "summer" has so far been gumboots,
... and now your w/e festival plans are forecasted MORE rain,
... and you have too many (self-set) deadlines to reach for said w/e festival.
... and then your sewing machine needle bends over backwards

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A busy little creative space

This week my creative space has been a whirlwind of antics... 
One that keeps going 'till 2am much to my crumby dismay.
Not only has the splore costume been coming a long with a lot more of this:
I also have been spruusing up these little guys I picked up at Peka Peka Beach on a recent roadie
 They look a little more like this now, and still have plenty more appendages coming.
The main mish of the week has been making a big batch of cards for my FIRST MARKET coming up!
Take some discarded papers, card & old sewing patterns
 & add some bright coloured cottons passed down from grandmother
and have a play about
 I also have struck gold with some gorj classic nat geo's from the 70's. It's amazing what adventuring went on. I got so excited just paging through and I am hoping to share some of the worldly images in a very special worldwide way - stay tuned!
and crumbs it is only thursday!
 The w/e shall be full steam ahead at the Trinity Street Loft. Head over here to see what all the other squirrels have been making this week - so very inspiring.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Something so true...

Twas the first weekend at home in the city
since xmas/new year and all things pretty
I sat and wrote quite the extended to-do list 
a weekend full to the brim with crafting, creating, making bliss. 

....and then two darling friends arrived to pick me up
    Come play come play!           Come with or i'll #@!* you up!

and who could pass up spending an ENTIRE afternoon playing dress ups?
 A quick nap from exhaustion, and a serious glance at the list... 
The girls headed to a warm house warming and some 7's watching gee whizz!

Ok so sunday would be the day to get my to-do list done..??
errr no today was a special day - stitch n bitch here I come!
 It was so fun to get creative and talk art with some new friends
and I managed to do some sewing & tick off a couple of items
I had to race away from the stitchin' to taste some homebrew beers 
before heading to one of the best spots to celebrate another New Years
Chinese Lantern Festival - Albert Park
Mushing shoulders, tasting all sorts, adventuring around in the faint dark
...and then Mr Oratia decides to try this
and ended up like this!

Lucky its a long weekend there's monday to finish up projects on the go
hmmm, monday was a gonner, creating? making? no no!
we gathered the troops, the blankeys and the tent
the sunblock was on and to The Black Seeds we went!
It was a pretty overcast sky
but my new sun-tinted shades didnt go awry

sometimes enough is enough you just have to flag your to-do list
kos something so true that I was reminded of this weekend...
Friends bring out the best in you, and bring the best of times! After such a wonderfully spontaneous weekend so far away from my (growing) to-do list, I am feeling so very blessed to have such smiling, sharing and giving souls who always welcome a bootie shake, a natter, a smile or three and enjoy the beautiful joys that are shared only by friendship (unsurmountable by a sewing machine/sketchbook/completion of a to-do list).

Sorry about the lengthy lengthy post, but long & awesome w/e's will do that to ya
peace 'n' love
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