Thursday, 2 February 2012

only 16 more sleeps to go....

'till .... can you guess??
Time to get a seriously making some Island of Hoo Haa costumes ?!?!?! And this week my tiny little creative space / corner of my room has been transformed into sploretastic pins, pieces and paint but sorry no photos yet to share as I am hoping to show off the finished product soon :) though what I can tell you...  

It is tight, frilly and see through but not at all revealing,
It is colourfully mismatched from the floor to the ceiling.
I have dug into cupboards deep and scoured op shops wide,
Even had the bf hand sewing - bless him how he tried.
Only 16 sleeps to go, and plenty more to do, 
So the walls have been smothered with pics, letting inspiration abrew

Credit for the pics: 1, 2 and 3

If you haven't got your ticket yet I suggest you get your smiling-arty-loving, rearing-to-share spirit and dancing-keen-to-get-dressed-up bootie over HERE for more information.

And to see actual photo's of what people are making, and they are making some gorgeous things head over to Creative Spaces for a geez. 

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