Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dancing doilies

My creative space for the past wee while has been completely consumed by making things for the wonderous weekend that just was - SPLORE. 

A giant family of friends came together and plotted the Tea's Me tent where we settled into the theme camping area to welcome any curious passer by to join us for a cuppa (a bikkie) and a chat - what was needed was a nannery, mad hattery space to enjoy... Here's where Leigh & I empty our rooms and bags n boxes of colourful random fabrics to play house with...and here's how it ended up..
 I had been posting a bit about some dying doily missions I have been on. There has been plenty of watching paint dry, and plenty of wonky positioned hand sewing...
though I was really stoked with the final outcome - covered colour & comfy enough for a good lunge:

 A special hello to Lis from Annie & I, and a thanku to Lis for your marvelous help xx
After the Tea's Me tent hosted many a tea party for many a stranger & friend,
and after the costumes were unleashed and photographed, and sweated to the death, 
I finally got to put my creative hat down, kick off my jandeys and dance dance dance under the sun
In a place, 
a creative space
In a colourful kind of heaven.
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