Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Something so true...

Twas the first weekend at home in the city
since xmas/new year and all things pretty
I sat and wrote quite the extended to-do list 
a weekend full to the brim with crafting, creating, making bliss. 

....and then two darling friends arrived to pick me up
    Come play come play!           Come with or i'll #@!* you up!

and who could pass up spending an ENTIRE afternoon playing dress ups?
 A quick nap from exhaustion, and a serious glance at the list... 
The girls headed to a warm house warming and some 7's watching gee whizz!

Ok so sunday would be the day to get my to-do list done..??
errr no today was a special day - stitch n bitch here I come!
 It was so fun to get creative and talk art with some new friends
and I managed to do some sewing & tick off a couple of items
I had to race away from the stitchin' to taste some homebrew beers 
before heading to one of the best spots to celebrate another New Years
Chinese Lantern Festival - Albert Park
Mushing shoulders, tasting all sorts, adventuring around in the faint dark
...and then Mr Oratia decides to try this
and ended up like this!

Lucky its a long weekend there's monday to finish up projects on the go
hmmm, monday was a gonner, creating? making? no no!
we gathered the troops, the blankeys and the tent
the sunblock was on and to The Black Seeds we went!
It was a pretty overcast sky
but my new sun-tinted shades didnt go awry

sometimes enough is enough you just have to flag your to-do list
kos something so true that I was reminded of this weekend...
Friends bring out the best in you, and bring the best of times! After such a wonderfully spontaneous weekend so far away from my (growing) to-do list, I am feeling so very blessed to have such smiling, sharing and giving souls who always welcome a bootie shake, a natter, a smile or three and enjoy the beautiful joys that are shared only by friendship (unsurmountable by a sewing machine/sketchbook/completion of a to-do list).

Sorry about the lengthy lengthy post, but long & awesome w/e's will do that to ya
peace 'n' love

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Thank you for taking the time to share some cheer. Xx

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