Friday, 25 January 2013

Melbourne is good.

As if I really needed another snazzy reason to entice me over to Melbourne. Well, Fitsroy and Collingwood to be exact. I feel like on every street there is an opportunity for creative education.
A new good school has opened, none other than...
I borrowed this pic from their website, but one day I hope to be there and take a picture of the front door myself. You can check out the awesome line up of classes for the summer term here. In reading further the concept started as a London based enterprise. Good to see its taking over the world! Or at least Melbourne & Brazil are in the line up, thats my world covered.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Take one tablecloth

I love a good woven. So strong & durable, so nice to run your fingers over and really feel the work of weaving threads into fabric. Vintage linens just have a way with me haha! I have had this beautiful, green, floral tablecloth ($2) in the stash for a while. It had a faded section with a few rips which was calling out to me for a smaller project like a cloth backpack, perfect for a summer excursion.

Its curtains for some

...but I like skirts better!
 I found this little curtain at our local St Johns Op Shop twas $1 & the extremely marked linen napkin was 50c. Poor lil green guy, I knew everyone else had just turned their nose up at him
As I have been sewing i've been thinking about it's past life perhaps spent framing a beautiful manicured garden from a small country kitchen window. This is why I really love 2nd hand textiles, whether hand me downs or op shop scores - You can only ever imagine their history and story!
Now in the new form of a summer skirt, here's hoping it shall see more garden parties, and tea!
Pass me the tea! ....or the pimms n lemonade!


Its HOT! Its sweltering today! 
Im in a house on a hill with a bit of a breeze, so I could stand a wee venture out into the garden. 
Goodie ~ fresh produce straight from the earth.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pic a nic

I was lucky to have a wonderful visit from Mr Oratia recently. He ventured down to the Coro from the big smoke, for a lovely few (too few) days. We have been doing a lot of pic-a-nicing - the true sign we are still on 'holiday' Our very relaxed and kickin'back-ness was questioned today at a cafe, too funny! So, just incase anyone was wondering...Mr Oratia is a primary school teacher and not due back in class yet, and I, well I guess i'm a 'self employed creative' at the picnics and sunshine it is.
Now Mr Oratia has returned to Aucks, I too return to my 'business time' laptop in hammock, working on exciting ventures for 2013, and I also got back on the sewing machine this afternoon and busted out 3 things. Just snazzy!


A new online magazine is coming our way! 
I am so excited to see it!
2 more sleeps to go!
I suggest you bookmark the website here !!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The year 2013

2013 - Simply this: Live more simply!

For most people, there was a moment on a deck chair on the 1st, resting a sore head, or sharing breakfast with pals looking out to a picturesque view hopefully somewhere far from home...the moment when thoughts drift back to home, back to real life and goals, the usual ambitions for the new year that we all PLAN to be a real good'n.

My moment has come just recently with a sore throat gone wrong and an overnight in hospital. Yes there were a lot of more worse off people in there than me and my quinsy (sounds like jam but feels the opposite), but it was a timely alert that this year I cannot run around on empty like in the past. At some point the car will run out of petrol (literally and spiritually).

Luckily for a me I still have some recovery time left in the green coro,
 fresh air, moo cows, only a bike to get around on, 
and a giant veggie patch to look after.

2013 shall be more simple: Less stuffy stuff, & more yummier healthier stuff,
With big wardrobe cleansing eco-warrior plans for the future year I am making the declaration that...

I will not be found drinking hot honey & lemon more often than eating real food.

Here's to it !! 
(all things yoghurt, blueberry & almondy for now)
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