Thursday, 24 January 2013

Its curtains for some

...but I like skirts better!
 I found this little curtain at our local St Johns Op Shop twas $1 & the extremely marked linen napkin was 50c. Poor lil green guy, I knew everyone else had just turned their nose up at him
As I have been sewing i've been thinking about it's past life perhaps spent framing a beautiful manicured garden from a small country kitchen window. This is why I really love 2nd hand textiles, whether hand me downs or op shop scores - You can only ever imagine their history and story!
Now in the new form of a summer skirt, here's hoping it shall see more garden parties, and tea!
Pass me the tea! ....or the pimms n lemonade!


  1. i could murder a pimms (with ginger ale and cucumber for me!) beautiful photographs-is that your garden?

  2. ooh I will have to try with ginger ale and cucumber! Thanks Max. This here is my garden in the sense that I grew up here, and live here at the mo, but its my mothers hard work. Though, I just mowed half a steep acre of lawns today.


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