Thursday, 26 January 2012

DIY Dye oh why!?!

In this weeks creative space I have been doing some dying. I wanted to brighten up some of my doily stash for a very exciting project I am plotting (more on this during feb).
My 'dye' actually consists of watering down my acrylic paints...I welcome any other ideas of how to make some dye without having to go out and buy buckets of the stuff? Next stop I will be chopping up a beetroot from the garden me thinks...
Its been so nice to have such blue skies, and bright sunshine to go get creative outside this week - so pop over here to see what other creatives have been creating and ofcourse the wintery northern hemisfolk are making some lovely cosy knitty & blankety creations too!

Speaking of knitting. It actually was a new years resolution for the year of 2011 to learn, and just this week I have got my two pink sticks clinking together! WOOHOO! Here's what I have so far: The makings of a little bear.
Happy thursday & happy creating everyone!!

Friday, 20 January 2012


...and i'm not talking about Sewing!

South East West North
New Zealand seen by longboarders.

oooee! What beautiful filming, 
 with a beautiful sound track, and at a beautiful spot to watch the premiere last night:
Piha, just after sunset, cosy, with hot tea and blankets.
You can watch the trailer below here, and go to the website to check for future screenings of SEWN, I totally recommend it, even if you are not a surfer, the great people on screen showed such a love and respect for our land and oceans and for the handmade craft of board building. Not to mention the filming of a great road trip around some gorgeous spots of NZ. 

Definitely enough to get me back out on the wild waves of our west coast very soon.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Actual Creative Space...

This is where all the (dreaming, sketching. sewing & making) mess happens.
Clearly I love to create in organised chaos. 
I am very much looking forward to this year of more thinking, making & creating.
Head over here to see more exciting Creative Spaces for the beginning of 2012

Monday, 16 January 2012

a new dawn, a new day ...

A new life for me.... do dumm do dumm do dummm
I have finally quit the corporate world - So that's no more heels and highwaisted skirts (ok thats a lie I will of course continue wearing them kos I love 'em so) but yay no more collared work shirts and crumby traffic heading into the city!
Today was my first day back at school. Wow i'm now officially one of those 'mature students'.  This year is about finally following my dreams, or at least getting skilled up so I can. I have just started at NZ Fashion Tech, and hope to sew with my eyes closed by the end of the year (I quote a friend who recently completed the course). 
It's time to be able to sew neat neat lines not just neat-ish lines so I can make for you and you and you too!
Alongside the sewing that will rule my 8.30 - 4.30 life I hope to make and create as much as possible at home instead of just drawing & talking about it like I used to. I am going to have to make to survive this year without a part time job it shall be hello markets! And possibly hello felt or etsy too!
 I would love love love any tips or advice for starting out in the market world as I am super nervous. I have never really made to sell before. Being the avid market peruser and shopper I have been so inspired by all the wonderful work out there. I just hope I can get my a into g and hopefully soon I can sit behind a pretty little table too. 
Here's to an exciting and colourful year ahead!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

A new salvation

The first weekend back in the city calls for a cafe brunch indeed - we opted to discover a new place. 
Location: Gt Nth Rd, Avondale
 I oogled at the bright decor and vintage touches on every shelf
 and paged through a few Vogues of '79 and '84
 There was plenty for the sweet toothed friend
And a favourite of mine was demolished in seconds with tea
A relaxing atmosphere outside on the forecourt (it used to be a mechanics/petrol station I think) though a spot of lippy and maybe some polka dots would've been fun to fit in with the retro surroundings. Excuse the disposable cups pictured above (cringe - sinful!) they don't have any crockery!! 
 So big bright and bold, get yourself to Avondale and you can't miss it.

Just Foxy and Fantastic!

Down by the boardwalk, down by the sea
The new funky Silo Park Market - they will impress thee
Enjoy some nice blocks
or pick out your favourite picnic box
snack on some snacks and peruse the arts 'n' crafts
or put your feet up with a beer on the grass
We took blankets, slippers, and wooly hats,
the film had fantastic foxes and jazzy rats
We enjoyed scroggin, cookies and thermos-hot tea
together, under the stars, as happy as Larry could ever be!

Saturday, 14 January 2012

summer sing along...

...12 days of Christmas with my true love and family...

25/12/11-  BELLY
26/12/11 - SALTY
27/12/11 - SANCTUARY
28/12/11 - GIGGLES 
 29/12/11 - VENTURE
 30/12/11 - SATURATED
 31/12/11 - FAT
 01/01/12 - JOY
02/01/12 - TASTE
03/01/12 - VINO
 04/01/12 - HEAT
05/01/12 - COAST

From sailing on the Hauraki Gulf, to rolly-ing down to Tauranga, festivalling & bikes & wining in Martinborough, tastings in Greytown, relaxing in Napier, & adventuring around home in the Coro...I am feeling so very blessed to have had more than 12 days christmas holiday this summer.

It has been strange to return to the city and the laptop after so many weeks away yonder. And I am ever so grateful to Mr Oratia and the wonderful Jenna, Hollie & Eric for your consistent awesomeness!

And thank you for all the fabulous cheek sore smiles, tummy hurting laughs, screaming nights sleepless (thanks to family campgrounds) and neck aching dancing campaigns we have been so lucky to share! xx peace to the pods!

Kia Ora 2012 !!

A HAPPY HELLO 2012 EVERYONE! we return to the city life from sandy spots,
as we farewell some of our family and friends,
as we write up our exercise regimes and list aspirations for 2012,
and as we scrub mud off the gumboots that we've worn for the last few weeks...
we can smile as we know summer's really only just begun - Yahoo!
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