Monday, 16 January 2012

a new dawn, a new day ...

A new life for me.... do dumm do dumm do dummm
I have finally quit the corporate world - So that's no more heels and highwaisted skirts (ok thats a lie I will of course continue wearing them kos I love 'em so) but yay no more collared work shirts and crumby traffic heading into the city!
Today was my first day back at school. Wow i'm now officially one of those 'mature students'.  This year is about finally following my dreams, or at least getting skilled up so I can. I have just started at NZ Fashion Tech, and hope to sew with my eyes closed by the end of the year (I quote a friend who recently completed the course). 
It's time to be able to sew neat neat lines not just neat-ish lines so I can make for you and you and you too!
Alongside the sewing that will rule my 8.30 - 4.30 life I hope to make and create as much as possible at home instead of just drawing & talking about it like I used to. I am going to have to make to survive this year without a part time job it shall be hello markets! And possibly hello felt or etsy too!
 I would love love love any tips or advice for starting out in the market world as I am super nervous. I have never really made to sell before. Being the avid market peruser and shopper I have been so inspired by all the wonderful work out there. I just hope I can get my a into g and hopefully soon I can sit behind a pretty little table too. 
Here's to an exciting and colourful year ahead!

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  1. Hi Sarah, wow, good on you, what an exciting plan!

    Here's my two cents of market advice:

    Stand boxes or stands on your stall table to give it some height, that way if the market is busy people will still be able to see your stall.

    Take plenty of business cards...they can lead to all sorts of opportunities after the market.

    Have a fast wet weather plan to make sure your stock doesn't get damaged if it rains at an outdoor market (I nearly got caught out with this one the other day) in unpredictable Auckland!

    Have fun!


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