Saturday, 29 September 2012

Ever wonder where I make the cards?

Today the sun is streaming in my window, so with the the 4xwinter blankets stripped off & outside sunbathing, I have set up crafty camp here for the day. There are mucho cards in the making for up coming markets...
Kraftbomb on Sunday 30th 11-2 Grey Lynn Community Centre
Made & Found Saturday 6th 1-5pm Grey Lynn Library Hall

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Paintbrushes and Sunshine

After a awesome market on Saturday (THANKS EVERYONE FOR POPPING BY) ... followed by such an amazingly cooked meal by my dear friends, Sunday was meant to be a bit of a sleep in. Though it wasn't really possible when I have a special project on the brain...
I had to dig under piles of fabric and bike tyre tubes (yes I keep bundles in my room!) to find my box of paints. It's been a while since I have picked up a paintbrush, but it felt like the perfect day. 
I was spoilt with a lot of lovely help from Mr Oratia, we cranked some beats and lapped up the warmth on the sunny side of the house.
Even more so than hand stitching hems, painting actually soothes me, from laying down a spread of newspaper to looking down at the speckles of colours still left on my hands and arms now.
 Remember the pledges people made to love our earth? I used some of them as I stamped about. SUCH FUN! I hope you all had a great weekend, it felt very spring-y - though perhaps I should of jumped on the 'spring clean' bandwagon rather than make more crafty mess idea.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

The creative space still survives

Its been a while since I have written about my creative space, or written at all here at the loft. 
I have somewhat disappeared from the laptop of late, 
and have been spending more time on the sewing machine. 
(Two great past times of 2012 that have also lead me to now wearing glasses eep!) 
I guess this is a good thing, this whole CREATING MORE, and perusing a little less. 
So the creative space has been brewing some good tea.
It is a fabulous thing to learn how to draft, block and create a pattern from just numbers/measurements. This is what I have been learning at course over the last few months. We have just completed womenswear, now moving on to mens, then childrenswear. 
The even more fabulous thing is that when we have created the basic skirt or shirt, or dress, or trouser, we then get to make an adapted version by changing up the pattern in any which way we like. This means we get to page through mags, design up a storm and get creative with sewing - what a treat! Sifted through my Viva collection, still going since 2010
The latest adaption I have just finished off is from the basic women's long sleeve shirt.
I lengthened the hem to mid thigh, added flare to the sides, 
changed the collar to a wide peter pan collar and also dropped the neckline, 
and instead of long sleeves I chose a cute cap sleeve to finish her off.
 The fabric is a vintage sheet from the stash, and I think this stash is going to be my go-to for quite some time now. The sheet I chose had quite a number of marks and stains unfortunately.
Somehow I managed to work around them all (and boy were their many) 
but I had to add the 4 pockets on the front to cover a few unavoidable marks. 
How handy they were in parallel to each other.
It's all exciting stuff digging about my room FULL of op shop 'sewing supplies' that now can be transformed into actual things to hang in the wardrobe. yahoo!
Welcoming back the thursday weekly team up with Creative Spaces again over here

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The cycle commute

I have recently discovered that there is time before 7.30am. And what a beautiful time of day it is. Here's a few pics/reasons why I just SO LOVE getting up early to cycle into the city every day!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

There's ma dad!

Captian of his ship
& rigging it well for a windy race ahead.
 There is not much else my dad would rather be doing than racing about out here:
So for fathers day this is what we did. Specialty crew twas I.
It was pretty windy getting up to about 30knots (that means plenty of healing over)
Plenty of waves crashing about too
 There's thee Cap'n and his first mate (mum), 
and o'er there with the food in hand, helm in other, that there is me the crew!
 We all had an awesome day, mum always puts on a great spread of homemade treats and packed goodies for me to take home too. Twas so fabulous to get out on the water, and blow out any wintery cobwebs. I say, ahoy Spring/aka pretty much summer? & Happy Fathers Day Dad! xx
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