Sunday, 2 September 2012

There's ma dad!

Captian of his ship
& rigging it well for a windy race ahead.
 There is not much else my dad would rather be doing than racing about out here:
So for fathers day this is what we did. Specialty crew twas I.
It was pretty windy getting up to about 30knots (that means plenty of healing over)
Plenty of waves crashing about too
 There's thee Cap'n and his first mate (mum), 
and o'er there with the food in hand, helm in other, that there is me the crew!
 We all had an awesome day, mum always puts on a great spread of homemade treats and packed goodies for me to take home too. Twas so fabulous to get out on the water, and blow out any wintery cobwebs. I say, ahoy Spring/aka pretty much summer? & Happy Fathers Day Dad! xx

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