Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Peppy New Arrival

Rough day at work? Never fear - Peppy's here.
If you have never read or seen a Peppermint you must get your eyes on one soon. It's one of the few mags (and even the word mag sounds too trashy for Peppy) that I read completely cover to cover; every charming sentence, every gorgeous photograph or sketch.... You can get your mits on one from Magnation, (aahh gloroius place to spend hours). If, like me, you just want more and NEED to have some back copies, they're avail from the lovely crew at Leeloo. Check out the just as pretty peppy website too... enough pom poming now? Here's the latest beauty just arrived in the mail. *gush*


Mainly charming, a little relaxing, largely inspiring, with great dollops of excitement!

Yum, the perfect after dinner mint.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Another good thing about these rainy days

Most of the time, wintery rainy days call for baking trays, books, crochet blankets, or paint brushes. Another of the great things about rainy days is .... WATERFALLS!

Mr Oratia and I went on a little adventure this weekend...
Meet Mr Oratia
Hi, this is me, keen as mustard, christening my 2nd hand swanni






A sign we came across, these were just two of the listed bullet points

Mr Oratia, disobeying and DESCENDING the stairs.
An inspiring adventure....Sometimes it pays to pop down the pins & listen to Mr Oratia.
 What do you like to do when its raining?

My Super Fly Hottie

Currently flying super fast through ash clouds to Aussie, thats my Super Fly Hottie 

Thanks to Curly Pops for helping me on my way with forms and templates etc, and here's to a good exhibition over at Open Drawer. Yahoo!

Check out the other incredibly amazing hot-to-trot hotties at the Flickr Group 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Day That Went Flip !

This morning started with a few outfit changes... from bright yellow stockings and flats to the preffered red, and new boots. I hopped in my rolly (trusty corolla hatch ive been devoted to forever) & headed through the usual 8am traffic, not at all caring that my new maroon vinty gloves clashed with my mismatched sock-covered feet (high heeled boots now kicked to the passenger seat) .

Things were just swell until...until I stalled and for the life of me I couldn't start her up again!. "Crumbs i've got to push her" turned into "Crumbs i've only got my socks on!"

I hopped out and pushed her off to the side of to the road, I was thankful people were nice enough not to toot, but unthankful nobody even stopped to help! One devastaded tearful girl, with hazard lights blaring, and awesome boots - and not a soul would stop, not even a pair of joggers!
1/2 an hour later, I quit trying to display misery and hope on the road side and I headed for the nearest bus stop, disgusted with the lack of nicety in the world, as you do...

A few km's of walking (kicking pebbles*) and wearing down the soles of my new boots, im at work and opening the mail. SURPRISE! An ever so sweetly wrapped package from NZ Green Buttons! Ooo goodie, it was so charming to see the care and kindness taken with this lil postage treat - some people are just so sweet. This just so so so made my day. Thanks Louana! Today you are a whole world of brightness :-)
....Some days just go flip !

Monday, 20 June 2011

Super Fly Hottie

Im very very excited for a Monday evening as ive jumped on the bandwagon of this awesome project. Thanks to the very helpful Curly Pops' Cam I'm not too late to get my hottie complete and sent off to Open Drawer Art Textiles & Learning Centre. They not only have very nice drawers there, they have very nice exhibitions for very nice causes's like the Margaret Pratt Foundation which is what all the warmth of this hottie collection will go towards.

Check out some of the hot work going on at the flikr group here. My favourite so far is the gorgeous goddess of a stitch work piece by Jennie at A Little Vintage.

My Mr Super Fly Hottie is currently in scraptastic wooly pieces so I better get my super stitchin on speedster mode.

Hasta luego!

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cycle pant? nay, Up-cycled pant? yay!

Inspired by an awesome pair of pants I found on Etsy made by re-purposing found fabrics... I visited my amazingly skilled friend LJ with her room full of machines. She not only smoothed the kinks of my sometimes battle-axe sewing style, she made me herby pumpkin soup too! 

So...I have had these lovely pants for a while, and have never 100% enjoyed wearing them with the fear that the loose button hole will win and I embarrassingly wont. Here goes the photo montage... 

Stage 1: Re-doing the waist band 
(Then I can even add in a colourful belt should I wish)
Pants, pre fun
Once cut & fused, each piece to be pressed, including the to-be belt loops
The easy route, sewing the loop holes down first.
Attaching everything together

Final press by me: battle-axe-esque

Pesky little belt loops worked out in the end.
Stay tuned for more black additions to these pants, and some final pictures. 
Big thanks to LJ for your awesomeness xx

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Finding Freedom at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair

I took a little trip into the city yesterday with the 'to do list' starting with Auckland Art & Craft Fair, and ending in don't spend ALL your money Sarah!

My gosh was that the  busiest market ever? Despite the large amount of prams cruising down the pathways, there were plenty plenty people kindly brushing shoulders to get a sneak peek or a caress of some handmade goodness. This is what I love to see. There were so many smiles and wide eyes, it was truly wonderful.

 On my many loops around the fair I was able to spot some favourites that I will keep on my radar for future creative craftiness. I got chatting to the marvelous Melissa from Tiny Happy and I oogled over her quaint notebooks, purses, and the ever so light, little lavender pouched treats with tiny hand stitching on top. Devine.
...they feel as soft and sweet as they look - Squiz at some more at Tiny Happy
Of course I spent some time over there making believe with Lily, flicking through her interesting post cards and dreaming at the map images. Always very inspiring. And the NZ inspired necklaces were stunning.

At the other end of the room were two charming gals, who design and create under the names of Rekindle (the most beautiful recycling of vinty crockery ever!) and Porcelian Rove with her creamy coloured, intricately textured ceramics. I am in love with Mr Tall-blue-and-slightly-crooked and hope that he didn't sell by the end of the day so I can possibly bring him home to me and my chai tea sometime soon. mmmm

Yawn, not as many pretty pikkies as one would hope for but be sure to follow the links to have a squiz at the great stuff these crafters are creating, and maybe refresh your memory from yesterday's fair splendour.

The purchase of the day: This gorgeously pretty square of freedom that I can pin to my chest and feel all of its free spirited-ness. (With a side of risque, knicker flash ~ crumbs!) 
Much love to Cheek Pinchy 

Happy and free the way life oughta be ... 

Saturday, 4 June 2011

A bloggy welcome: My wireless joy

So what fine day it is to begin my blog...There was the first proper attempt down in the city. It was in an Esquires cafe (which I soon renamed Expensers Cafe) .. $5.95 regular ( which is apparently 'small') hot chock, and a $4.50 STALE blueberry scone.  And so it was there I reluctantly took my perch. This is it, this is that life of the lap topper. Where were my thick rimmed glasses?  The scone was less than a crumb of inspiration, and so 'The First Blog' was shelved until today. This being that other lap-topping momento I have been looking forward to. Second to the cafe situ, the sit up in bed, with my yummy herby teapot here next to me. Lapping up the moment: aahh wireless.

Not quite thick black square but I love my 'reading' glasses, my first purchase from The Bread & Butter Letter A very gorj little store of all things gloriously vinty, and handmade, a Trinity St Loft Love.

Tonight's brew: a petal-ful 'restful' herby in my little pot - a treasure treat all the way from The Lost & Found Market, Smith St, Melbs. 

After never having wireless at Trinity St Loft, little Mackie and I hadn't yet met, Trinity Street Loft: It was all dreams, ponders, and scribbles in sketchbooks .... And so it is now I am officially & bloggily welcomed.

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