Sunday, 19 June 2011

Cycle pant? nay, Up-cycled pant? yay!

Inspired by an awesome pair of pants I found on Etsy made by re-purposing found fabrics... I visited my amazingly skilled friend LJ with her room full of machines. She not only smoothed the kinks of my sometimes battle-axe sewing style, she made me herby pumpkin soup too! 

So...I have had these lovely pants for a while, and have never 100% enjoyed wearing them with the fear that the loose button hole will win and I embarrassingly wont. Here goes the photo montage... 

Stage 1: Re-doing the waist band 
(Then I can even add in a colourful belt should I wish)
Pants, pre fun
Once cut & fused, each piece to be pressed, including the to-be belt loops
The easy route, sewing the loop holes down first.
Attaching everything together

Final press by me: battle-axe-esque

Pesky little belt loops worked out in the end.
Stay tuned for more black additions to these pants, and some final pictures. 
Big thanks to LJ for your awesomeness xx

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