Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Day That Went Flip !

This morning started with a few outfit changes... from bright yellow stockings and flats to the preffered red, and new boots. I hopped in my rolly (trusty corolla hatch ive been devoted to forever) & headed through the usual 8am traffic, not at all caring that my new maroon vinty gloves clashed with my mismatched sock-covered feet (high heeled boots now kicked to the passenger seat) .

Things were just swell until...until I stalled and for the life of me I couldn't start her up again!. "Crumbs i've got to push her" turned into "Crumbs i've only got my socks on!"

I hopped out and pushed her off to the side of to the road, I was thankful people were nice enough not to toot, but unthankful nobody even stopped to help! One devastaded tearful girl, with hazard lights blaring, and awesome boots - and not a soul would stop, not even a pair of joggers!
1/2 an hour later, I quit trying to display misery and hope on the road side and I headed for the nearest bus stop, disgusted with the lack of nicety in the world, as you do...

A few km's of walking (kicking pebbles*) and wearing down the soles of my new boots, im at work and opening the mail. SURPRISE! An ever so sweetly wrapped package from NZ Green Buttons! Ooo goodie, it was so charming to see the care and kindness taken with this lil postage treat - some people are just so sweet. This just so so so made my day. Thanks Louana! Today you are a whole world of brightness :-)
....Some days just go flip !

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