Sunday, 12 June 2011

Finding Freedom at the Auckland Art & Craft Fair

I took a little trip into the city yesterday with the 'to do list' starting with Auckland Art & Craft Fair, and ending in don't spend ALL your money Sarah!

My gosh was that the  busiest market ever? Despite the large amount of prams cruising down the pathways, there were plenty plenty people kindly brushing shoulders to get a sneak peek or a caress of some handmade goodness. This is what I love to see. There were so many smiles and wide eyes, it was truly wonderful.

 On my many loops around the fair I was able to spot some favourites that I will keep on my radar for future creative craftiness. I got chatting to the marvelous Melissa from Tiny Happy and I oogled over her quaint notebooks, purses, and the ever so light, little lavender pouched treats with tiny hand stitching on top. Devine.
...they feel as soft and sweet as they look - Squiz at some more at Tiny Happy
Of course I spent some time over there making believe with Lily, flicking through her interesting post cards and dreaming at the map images. Always very inspiring. And the NZ inspired necklaces were stunning.

At the other end of the room were two charming gals, who design and create under the names of Rekindle (the most beautiful recycling of vinty crockery ever!) and Porcelian Rove with her creamy coloured, intricately textured ceramics. I am in love with Mr Tall-blue-and-slightly-crooked and hope that he didn't sell by the end of the day so I can possibly bring him home to me and my chai tea sometime soon. mmmm

Yawn, not as many pretty pikkies as one would hope for but be sure to follow the links to have a squiz at the great stuff these crafters are creating, and maybe refresh your memory from yesterday's fair splendour.

The purchase of the day: This gorgeously pretty square of freedom that I can pin to my chest and feel all of its free spirited-ness. (With a side of risque, knicker flash ~ crumbs!) 
Much love to Cheek Pinchy 

Happy and free the way life oughta be ... 

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