Wednesday, 29 June 2011

A Peppy New Arrival

Rough day at work? Never fear - Peppy's here.
If you have never read or seen a Peppermint you must get your eyes on one soon. It's one of the few mags (and even the word mag sounds too trashy for Peppy) that I read completely cover to cover; every charming sentence, every gorgeous photograph or sketch.... You can get your mits on one from Magnation, (aahh gloroius place to spend hours). If, like me, you just want more and NEED to have some back copies, they're avail from the lovely crew at Leeloo. Check out the just as pretty peppy website too... enough pom poming now? Here's the latest beauty just arrived in the mail. *gush*


Mainly charming, a little relaxing, largely inspiring, with great dollops of excitement!

Yum, the perfect after dinner mint.

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