Saturday, 2 July 2011

Bodie Size Ball for Birthday

Mr Oratia has a gorgeous little nephew, Bodie. His birthday falls around New Years Eve so we decided to celebrate his 18 month birthday this w/e alongside a little 4th July America Day celebration for his 1/2 Americano-ness. 

Seeing as I had no pumpkin pie or sweet potato casserole on my to-do list, I set to work on making a present for the birthday boy himself. As always my pressies start with sourcing resources from the Salvo's.
Polo shirts and pillowcases (not pictured) from the Salvo  - $4 and ready for cutting

Cut outs organised on my only available lay out space

Sewn together and stuffed full of dreamy clouds - walah!
Can he kick it? Yes he can!
Does he roll with it? Yes he can!
Happy Happy Birthday Bodie xx

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