Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Op Crop

Following on from yesterdays Op Shop Love, as promised I sewed up some of my funky fabrics today.
What's even better? When I cut these pieces out, I cut a "multi lay" so I have two more sets of pieces ready to be sewn, a black one, and a cream with pretty little flowers. I am remembering Feb is our hottest month here in NZ! Would anyone else like a wee summer Op Crop?
The pattern is from a Burda mag - Summer '90 !!!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Op Shop Love

What's this? MORE encouragement to hit the op shops? This cannot be! Every Tuesday? Hark!
Today I am sharing my recent favourite op shop finds, linking up with the fellow oppers over here.
Not to show off, but more to show you what you can actually get (if you are good! haha)
...& before I get carried away, Im going to hit the archives of the shed first instead of more shopping.
At the moment I'm all about the fabrics, as spending for me now, has to be for making and hopefully selling :) More sewing, more fun. Look at aalll these amazing colours. I quite like working with curtains  the patterns above are both curtains, the navy is going to be a dress, and the other a pair of pants. The two below are a bit more lightweight and they are already cut up to be transformed tomorrow.
 Not only am I so very pleased to see and feel, and work with such awesome fabrics, it's also such a pleasure to support great charities like the Sallies, Hospice, & Paws. Your every dollar is doing something good in 2 ways: a)fund some really great initiatives for our society and animals who need it most, and b)you are re-using instead of bringing more products onto our earth!  
These three fabrics above here were from our local SPCA shop. Its such an awesome peep hole of a store, with a slanting narrow staircase to an upstairs section (it literally feels like a dolls house) so I offered to carry the big box of fabric up there for the sweet elderly dollface that was attempting to lug it from outback. This also meant I was the lucky first to have a rummage.
These two are going to be dresses too. or maybe two piece: skirt and matching crop top.
 I am really loving that look at the moment. Embracing the new found waistline I think.
It's important to give all op shop fabrics a decent airing/dance session weee!
 ...and when the sewings all said and done, some light reading on the couch for the evenings.
6 folders stacked full for only $10. More than all the fabric combined, and totally worth it.
Convinced yet? Go give opping a try, or come back to here where the blackbird has spoken every tuesday for more inspiration!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Saturday night in...

"Sewing and The Sevens"
  ...Productive... until the final. Whatta match!! So close Kenya, so so close dammit!!

Friday, 1 February 2013

A crafty little question...

Ok me lovelies you know I like to sew and upcycle...But I want to know who else does too!
I want to hear from you all - new starters or savvy seamstresses!
Please could you take a couple of minutes, to complete my survey?
It's only 10 small questions. I would HUGELY appreciate the feedback! 

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