Saturday, 4 June 2011

A bloggy welcome: My wireless joy

So what fine day it is to begin my blog...There was the first proper attempt down in the city. It was in an Esquires cafe (which I soon renamed Expensers Cafe) .. $5.95 regular ( which is apparently 'small') hot chock, and a $4.50 STALE blueberry scone.  And so it was there I reluctantly took my perch. This is it, this is that life of the lap topper. Where were my thick rimmed glasses?  The scone was less than a crumb of inspiration, and so 'The First Blog' was shelved until today. This being that other lap-topping momento I have been looking forward to. Second to the cafe situ, the sit up in bed, with my yummy herby teapot here next to me. Lapping up the moment: aahh wireless.

Not quite thick black square but I love my 'reading' glasses, my first purchase from The Bread & Butter Letter A very gorj little store of all things gloriously vinty, and handmade, a Trinity St Loft Love.

Tonight's brew: a petal-ful 'restful' herby in my little pot - a treasure treat all the way from The Lost & Found Market, Smith St, Melbs. 

After never having wireless at Trinity St Loft, little Mackie and I hadn't yet met, Trinity Street Loft: It was all dreams, ponders, and scribbles in sketchbooks .... And so it is now I am officially & bloggily welcomed.

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