Thursday, 20 September 2012

The creative space still survives

Its been a while since I have written about my creative space, or written at all here at the loft. 
I have somewhat disappeared from the laptop of late, 
and have been spending more time on the sewing machine. 
(Two great past times of 2012 that have also lead me to now wearing glasses eep!) 
I guess this is a good thing, this whole CREATING MORE, and perusing a little less. 
So the creative space has been brewing some good tea.
It is a fabulous thing to learn how to draft, block and create a pattern from just numbers/measurements. This is what I have been learning at course over the last few months. We have just completed womenswear, now moving on to mens, then childrenswear. 
The even more fabulous thing is that when we have created the basic skirt or shirt, or dress, or trouser, we then get to make an adapted version by changing up the pattern in any which way we like. This means we get to page through mags, design up a storm and get creative with sewing - what a treat! Sifted through my Viva collection, still going since 2010
The latest adaption I have just finished off is from the basic women's long sleeve shirt.
I lengthened the hem to mid thigh, added flare to the sides, 
changed the collar to a wide peter pan collar and also dropped the neckline, 
and instead of long sleeves I chose a cute cap sleeve to finish her off.
 The fabric is a vintage sheet from the stash, and I think this stash is going to be my go-to for quite some time now. The sheet I chose had quite a number of marks and stains unfortunately.
Somehow I managed to work around them all (and boy were their many) 
but I had to add the 4 pockets on the front to cover a few unavoidable marks. 
How handy they were in parallel to each other.
It's all exciting stuff digging about my room FULL of op shop 'sewing supplies' that now can be transformed into actual things to hang in the wardrobe. yahoo!
Welcoming back the thursday weekly team up with Creative Spaces again over here


  1. Nice to see what you have been up to, you're learning some darn fine skills there! It's great that all that op-shopping comes in handy! S:)

  2. WOW Sez, thats fantastic!! Sounds like your really enjoying your course

    1. Thanks Ang, yes its so great :) finally found my calling haha. Hope you and the family are well xx

  3. Love your work - this is really really good!!! xx


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