Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Pic a nic

I was lucky to have a wonderful visit from Mr Oratia recently. He ventured down to the Coro from the big smoke, for a lovely few (too few) days. We have been doing a lot of pic-a-nicing - the true sign we are still on 'holiday' Our very relaxed and kickin'back-ness was questioned today at a cafe, too funny! So, just incase anyone was wondering...Mr Oratia is a primary school teacher and not due back in class yet, and I, well I guess i'm a 'self employed creative' at the moment...so picnics and sunshine it is.
Now Mr Oratia has returned to Aucks, I too return to my 'business time' laptop in hammock, working on exciting ventures for 2013, and I also got back on the sewing machine this afternoon and busted out 3 things. Just snazzy!


  1. Hey Sarah, happy new year! Hope you're all recovered after being sick, looks like some lovely pic a nicking!

  2. it definatly amps up the enjoyment factor playing whilst everyone else is working.though i hated shift work back when i did it, i LOVED the feeling of climbing into bed when everyone else was off to work for the day!


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