Thursday, 9 February 2012

A busy little creative space

This week my creative space has been a whirlwind of antics... 
One that keeps going 'till 2am much to my crumby dismay.
Not only has the splore costume been coming a long with a lot more of this:
I also have been spruusing up these little guys I picked up at Peka Peka Beach on a recent roadie
 They look a little more like this now, and still have plenty more appendages coming.
The main mish of the week has been making a big batch of cards for my FIRST MARKET coming up!
Take some discarded papers, card & old sewing patterns
 & add some bright coloured cottons passed down from grandmother
and have a play about
 I also have struck gold with some gorj classic nat geo's from the 70's. It's amazing what adventuring went on. I got so excited just paging through and I am hoping to share some of the worldly images in a very special worldwide way - stay tuned!
and crumbs it is only thursday!
 The w/e shall be full steam ahead at the Trinity Street Loft. Head over here to see what all the other squirrels have been making this week - so very inspiring.

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  1. hmmm...are those doilies becoming cards? Looks/sounds pretty cool...!


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