Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Op Shop Tuesday

I am teaming up with fellow thrifty op shoppers over here today. I have been keen to share what beauties I have found of late. My local 'seagull centre' is just such an amazing treasure trove! 
I fell pretty hard for these 2 chairs, I love a good chair don't you? 
I got some more fabrics and a few cushions to cover too. and I now can NEVER walk past the A5 knitting patterns the thoroughbred/paton ones? I just love their retro pose, im going to do something crafty with them asap!
 ....and yesterday while visiting my grandparents in the lovely Morrinsville. I learned of 'the yellow shed' junk yard - which as you can see looks like a junk yard, but with exuberant vintage boutique prices! I was not a happy hoarder! (despite the cross trainer proving to make me smile).
...I did come away with some little treats - my favourite being this giant fan cover, which i am going to use as a market display for lots of little bits n bobs / fruit bowl. 
Now, To paint mint green or to leave as white?


  1. hi sez!
    nice chair finds there-does the one on the left have a dyed green seat...or is it a knitted cover?!! they look very fetching with the retro pillows atop.
    some v. nice fabrics too-is that a barkcloth i spy near the bottom?
    your 'junk yard' looks very much like my 'rangiora auctions' which is also very much junky and with exorbitant prices, maybe it's a chain!


Thank you for taking the time to share some cheer. Xx

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