Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Wowee my 100th bloggy post

So for this lil milestone post I thought I may as well do something a little spesh... 
I have been somewhat encouraged (forcefully?!?) by a friend or two to do an 'outfit' post. Thats what 'proper' bloggers do right? Especially ones who go to fashion school, surely I must have something to say/show about what I wear..?
Well turns out while i'm never afraid of a camera, I end up a bit of a goof in front of it (never one to believe I can pull off 'pretty' poses)
I had studied up the my fav fashiony bloggers like:
 the thirfty crafty n ever so vinty Clazzerati
the sweet n pretty Amanda from Here Comes The Sun
& the clever throw together Jen from A Little Bird Told Me
 ..and decided my date night with Mr Oratia on friday may be the perfect occasion to get a bit snap happy, and him in training on the camera. How do you girls do it??
 Trench coat on, and we were off in to the city for yummy Korean dinner, Giapo's desert then a bitta Steve Wrigley & Ben Hurley comedy at the awesomely funky Q Theatre
What Op Shop? 
Cream Wool Dress: $8 Savemart NewLynn, Akl
Yellow Jacket Jersey: $6 Salvo's Glen Eden, Akl
Scarf worn as belt: $2 Salvo's Thames
Black velvet & gold bag: $3 Salvo's Te Puke
(Made in NZ) Trench: $12 Hospice shop, Greerton, Tga
Floral Brooch: $0 Made by darling friend Leigh xx
The pain in Mr Oratia's face after all the photos: Priceless :)


  1. Hey, congrats on your first outfit post! I hate to break it to you but you will struggle to find a patient boyfriend to take the pics - me and the Bot argue EVERY SINGLE TIME!!! Ha ha! So I ended up buying a tripod and remote, which certainly helps some of the time. My biggest tip is changing the size of your images in Blogger. Make them extra large and somehow the quality improves. I also try and take my pics in-front of a plain-ish background, so the clothes stand out more. And can I just say I LOVE your outfit! So vintage and cute, and what a smile! Looking forward to seeing more xx

    1. Awesome thank you so very muchly :) the tripod remote sounds perfect! indeedio we have similar vinty tastes.

  2. Lookin' good as always! What a way to celebrate your hundy club... Love the outfit! You look v cute xx


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