Friday, 18 May 2012

Happy Beadin' Friday!

Fridays we finish up at course at the lavish hour of 2.30pm, ample time for a beer across the road, and some op shop perusing, but today I snuck over to Pt Chev to have a play (do some work) in the well renowned The Bead Hold.
Every surface was covered in tiny little containers (I LOVE mini storage) full with the most colourful assortment of beads - The girls instore were so nice and helpful with tips and recommendations for my dumb questions like: How on earth can I attach these feathers? If you ever have any jewelry or bead collecting to do, this is definitely your place to be!
I started with this above...and 20mins later ended with these three below
I couldn't wait to get home to string them up on my latest cosy twigs
The snuggly warm twigs, looked out the window to the blustery autumn outside. 
So toasty and all rugged up nice.
Now to warm my own cockles, Mr Oratia is taking me out for delish Korean dinner and then off to a comedy show (gotta love this NZ Comedy Fest) - spoilt rotten!
Happy friday lovelies

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  1. I love these they are soo colourful and funky!I hope you have a lovely night out!


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