Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Swellington ever so so swell

12 hours on the train AKL - WLGT. Twas more than just interesting scenic views, we had devonshire tea in National Park too. Our carriage (or as I call it Caboose) was very lively and full of cackling daffodils from red jackets, and 'oh my word(s)' from the green & gold. 

Much to their dismay I was not sporting my own colours so did not live up to my self proclamation 'hardcore rugby fan' and saying I was headed to the wonderful Wearable Arts....'the Weara what?!' was the usual response. 

Still, I kept up with the 10.30am beers and RWC bets.
(My sad camera was still where I left it on my bed at home so no pics from the roadie)

So to CBD Wellington: More than windy and wild, twas welcoming and wonderful too!
Its really a fantastic city to just spend your time wandering about the streets. 
I felt completely spoilt with the whole city a-buzz with RWC colours, and friendly chats n banter on every corner. 

The splendid tastes:

1 & 2: 178 Cuba St - Amazing funky cafe with picture perfect food
3 & 4: Underground Market - Breakfast Empanada! & delish fudge treats.

The underground market with such wonderful marketeers:
Some wonderful people I chatted to and worth a further squizz online: 

The window shopping was glorious...

...and my most favourite store of all....?
Missy's Room (x2) on Cuba Street - goodies galore! 
colours colours everywhere....

and that was just the CBD.... just wait to hear how I took to the suburbs

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